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Afra in the World of Video Games

Recently the well-known competitor and drifting champion in the UAE, Yuliana Grasman, has retaken her passion for video games and we wanted her to share with us and her fans a little about this facet. To tell us a little about her passion and her experience in the virtual world, Afra gave us a short interview.

How did you start to get involved in the world of video games?

It’s been a while I quit gaming and I was holding myself down to not come back. I consider myself very addictive to it. And I did not game for many years, it left in my childhood, then I was focused on real life.

But suddenly something happened, about a year ago I was in Kuwait and by that time I got an influencer job from a simulator game. The creators of the game agreed to recreate my Nissan model for the simulator, for which I did full publicity. Since then my interest in gaming has returned, but under control. We recently had a booth simulator in the custom show at our Black Edition booth, where the members, the visitors and myself had a great time competing.

My friend offered to lend me his PC for a week, I remember it very well, but I was taking my time to explore more games besides racing. I started my own Twitch channel and it was a huge success in a short amount of time. He gained a lot of attention and everything went well. But at that point I had to return my friend’s PC.

I literally couldn’t sleep well at night dreaming about my own PC! So I set a goal to raise the required amount to get my personal computer, I had to sacrifice and change my priorities, but I succeeded.

I have also been learning about building PCs to understand what configuration I need. The configuration is very individual; it depends on the games you want to play and the needs of each person. I did all of this for the excitement I had of continuing my YouTube channel and streaming Twitch.

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How long have you been playing? What kind of video game do you like and why?

I think it has been almost a month and I am still getting used to my new life with PC and games and I am quite happy with my choice and decision. The next objective is to have a simulator at home, at least a steering wheel and a gearbox, to be able to enjoy the races.

My favorite game is Assetto Corsa, I use Arabic servers and sometimes international servers. Also, I downloaded a lot of different cars and I want to have the exact same virtual car as my real car. I think this will be possible thanks to the fact that there are designers among my new friends from the playing fields. For my part, I began to learn 3Ds max software and similar software to create my own tracks, cars, maps and more.  Another video game that I love is “Forza 4”.

Do you have a favorite video game? What do you love about this game?

Right now my favorite is Assetto Corsa. The game offers different modified cars and maps of different countries, which in real life I can’t have (Afra laughs). The game gives me that sweet touch of some dreams.

GTA5 or they also call it FiveM is also very realistic, with missions and great cars.

Do you play online with other people?

So far I have only played one game online; it is called “Among Us”. It is a really fun game, in which having good logic and analysis gives you the opportunity to be a winner. I am planning to get my simulator to play racing online.

Have you participated in any online competition?

Not until now. But I will definitely put myself to the test in the world of online competition.

How many women do you think participate in the car and drifting video games?

I don’t think there are many. There are many girls and women gamers around the world, but they mainly play pubg or COD. By the way, COD is an amazing game too, but it requires high internet speed and a good graphics card. I don’t play this game right now.

At races I don’t see many girls playing. In the Arab games of special drifting, tafheet I am the only one as in real life as in the gaming world!

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