What Type of Piano is Best for Beginners?

What Type Of Piano Is Best For Beginners?

The piano is a very interesting instrument. There’s more to purchasing a piano than just the price. So before you decide on buying or choosing a piano for a beginner, here are some of the types of pianos that would be best suited for beginners.

1. Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

This piano was designed with the thought of beginners in mind, as it is equipped with handy features that play a big part in helping you improve your piano playing at a quick pace. An innovative program called Lesson Mode, will aid you to know and learn the right keys.

This piano is equipped with many features suited for beginners. It comes with 5 different voices: organ, synth,  acoustic piano, electric piano, and bass – so that you can experiment with tone. It comes with 88 semi-weighted full-size keys that enable you to play and have that natural feel as if you are playing on a grand piano.


  • It comes with five voices
  • It has Lesson mode
  • It has 20-watt speakers
  • It comes with a headphone output.

2. Hamzer 61-key

This piano is very affordable. It has 61 keys, which are under full size, and is more of a keyboard option. The keys are fast in terms of response. The transition to acoustic will feel a bit different but it is an ideal piano for a beginner. It has an integrated learning system feature that means beginners have the chance of playing without a tutor.


  • It is very affordable
  • It has the record function
  • It is a built in learning system for multi fingerings

3. Casio SA76

This is a type of piano that is suitable for beginners with small hands. It is cheap and it is a cheerful starter option for beginners. It comes with a super small footprint that hides 100 built-in sounds, 50 drum beats, plus 5 drum pads and 10 songs to teach yourself.


  • It is very affordable
  • It has a built-in songbook
  • It is an ideal choice for smaller hands

4. LAGRIMA 88 Key

This is the ideal choice for piano practices for beginners. It is a desirable digital piano with 88 keys akin to the Yamaha. It is accompanied by a stand that provides a more traditional acoustic appearance. It comes with a multi-track function which makes learning easier. The teaching function teaches the right or left-hand type of play. It also comes with a chord function for fingering practice.


  • It is a kind of realistic digital piano
  • It has pedals
  • It comes with the teaching function

5. RockJam 54-Key

This is a small 54 key option, which is sturdy and full-sized just that it is of small scale. It comes with multiple teaching modes. Chords and notes are displayed on the user-friendly LCD screen. It also comes with 8 demo songs, 100 keyboard tones, and rhythms.


  • This is a low-cost option
  • It comes with the teaching mode
  • It has additional app learning content

You should as well try out the WY Pianos, they have a great list of pianos that a great for beginners


Maybe you have noticed that all the suggestions here are of the digital type. This is to tell you that digital pianos are the ideal choice when it comes to choosing pianos for beginners. Surely you wouldn’t want a piano that would give you a lot to deal with as a beginner. Digital pianos not only provide a vivid experience but also help you with a few hints on how to play the piano.

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