Carlo’s American Dream – a New Film by Maria Johnsen

Carlo’s American Dream – a New Film by Maria Johnsen 1

Carlo’s American Dream – a New Film by Maria Johnsen

Golden Way Media films Production Company has announced a new biopic feature film project called Carlo’s American Dream based on Maria Johnsen’s novel. Charles Ponzi comes to America to pursue an American dream but what he starts turns to a nightmare. Writer, Director and producer: Maria Johnsen. A production of Golden Way Media Films.

“I have written several scripts based on the true events.  There were several good Biography drama movies which are based on real people’s life story in the history of cinema, and they have dominated the Academy Awards in Hollywood. Why did I write about Charles Ponzi? Well, we all have observed online con artists who sell pyramid scheme and certain multilevel marketing products. I found writing about Charles Ponzi could be intriguing, a depiction of real characters and events back in 1929 in the U.S and Canada. This is why I wrote a novel “Carlo’s Big Dream” and turned it into a feature film screenplay. In my story I dig deeper in Charles (Carlo) Ponzi’s life and how MLM and Pyramid started.  Biography film is great. It has inspired a lot of its audiences and has garnered more attention.” Maria Johnsen the director, writer and producer says.

Maria Johnsen wishes to co-produce Carlo’s American Dream with a film production company or film distributor.

This feature film project is currently in pre-production process.

About Golden Way Media Films:

Golden Way Media Films is a London based production and film development company in the United Kingdom. They have developed several films for their clients.

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