CenturyLink Plans and Prices for 2021

CenturyLink Plans and Prices

There are so many different internet service providers that are offering telecom services to customers all around the United States. They provide services over different networks. Some use cable and fiber-optics, while others offer options like DSL, dial-up, and satellite.

Before deciding on any connection, customers should remember what their requirement from an ISP is. If they don’t have a lot of users in the household then they can go for options, which offer reasonably sound speeds. If everyone in your home loves streaming and playing online games, a high-end connection like fiber-optic would be more suitable.

CenturyLink Internet is an amazing option for households and individuals that want reliable connectivity at affordable rates. There are no price hikes for as long as you plan on being with CenturyLink. You get a service that is without any contracts and bindings. The prices will suit most customers in the USA.

There are two options when it comes to making the choice in favor of a network connection. There are five DSL connections and a fiber-optic one. The price for all five DSL internet connections is the same. The only difference is due to the location. Different speeds are available at different locations, ranging between 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Before getting into the details of CenturyLink’s services and benefits, let’s first take a look at their plans:

Price for life 15$4915 MbpsDSL
Price for life 20$4920 MbpsDSL
Price for life 40$4940 MbpsDSL
Price for life 80$4980 MbpsDSL
Price for life 100$49100 MbpsDSL
CenturyLink Fiber Internet$65940 MbpsFiber-Optic

The above-mentioned prices will remain constant for life. However, they are subject to customers opting for paperless billing.

Perks of CenturyLink internet

  • Price for life

Some of the major benefits that customers get from CenturyLink includes their “price for life” facility. Most ISPs who offer services, ask for contracts and legal bindings. There is a certain time frame for which the price of the connection will remain constant. After that, it goes back to the original price, which usually turns out to be a huge sum.

The only exception is their fiber plan and we do hope that it will change in the future. If you change locations or move to another plan, take some Vacation Time, or cancel the plan, that is when your price for life guarantee can end. If you get the connection on a promotional price, that price will remain the same even after the end of the promotion.

  • No-contract DSL

CenturyLink offers the comfort of a non-contractual service to its clients. They don’t have to worry about any price hikes during the time that they are attached to the ISP. There are no confusing promotional prices, which most other ISPs offer and they last for a few months only. With a CenturyLink internet connection, you can retain the price of the plan forever.

  • No cancellation fees

If that doesn’t sweeten the deal then add their no cancellation fee feature to the mix and these services offer quite a bang. Customers can cancel their account anytime they want and will only have to clear the monthly dues.

  • Cheaper prices

The prices are set quite lower in comparison to their counterparts. The speed offered may vary from one location to another but the price remains the same for all DSL connections. While some people may not like DSL connectivity, CenturyLink comes with reliable DSL speeds that do not go through glitches.

Their fiber plan price is among the lowest of all. Most ISPs provide a price range, which drastically changes the moment your promotion time ends. So, even when you end up getting a download speed on the lower side, the “price for life” perk is something not offered by everyone.

Other Features

  • Download speed

Most people get confused due to the same prices mentioned for varying speeds. The deal behind this is quite simple actually. CenturyLink provides the fastest internet download speed that customers can get which is up to 100 Mbps, the least being the 15 Mbps.

If you live at a location that offers high-speed connectivity, you will be connected at around 100 Mbps. If you are residing at a location that doesn’t support fast speeds for any number of reasons then you will end up with speeds ranging from 15 to 80 Mbps.

These speeds are enough for families and can be shared with friends and guests without worrying about the bandwidth slowing down at any point. Their speeds are not comparable with other cable and fiber internet service providers as they are largely a DSL connection-providing company.

  • Data caps or limits

All the internet plans offered by CenturyLink come with a 1 TB data limit. Yes, we all like to have unlimited data with our internet connections but most ISPs do not offer anything like that. Some have upped their data limit to some extent but it’s still not unlimited.

There’s a perk that comes with CenturyLink. If you have a high-end usage, that is you play heavy-duty online games or you download and upload large files all the time then you may end up exceeding the 1 TB data cap. Instead of facing termination of service, you will get a notice from the ISP regarding excessive use. You can keep using the internet without facing any hindrance.

  • Equipment charges

You can always lease/rent your equipment, that is the modem, or you can pay the full price for it and get rid of monthly fee troubles. You can rent the built-in Wi-Fi modem for $9.99 or pay a one-time fee of $99 and buy it. Many modems that you find on Amazon are priced much higher so, which makes the CenturyLink modem an affordable choice.

Customers can use their own modem if they want in case, they don’t want to buy CenturyLink’s equipment. There is a list of modems that are compatible with CenturyLink and it is available on their website.

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