Must-Have Accessories For Your Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

Accessories For Your Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

Many years ago, finding even one electric beach cruiser for sale was a challenge, but today, several manufacturers produce bikes at affordable prices. However, depending on the amount you spend, the bikes might be a little barebones, meaning it will take a little bit more money and accessories to make it everything you dreamed it could be. There are at least eight must-have accessories for your electric beach cruiser bike.

1. Lights

The best bike accessories for women and men are lights. Having headlights and tail lights allow you to take a ride early morning or late evening without putting yourself at risk. Lights provide excellent visibility. However, even with lights, it is smart to wear some reflective elements.

2. Mirrors

Excellent additions to San Clemente electric bikes are mirrors. While lights improve visibility for others and allow you to see ahead of yourself, installing mirrors will enable you to improve your periphery and see what’s coming from behind. Even one mirror strategically placed can enhance your safety when riding on the road.

3. Water Bottle Cage

Beach cruisers and electric bikes encourage lengthier rides. The crucial thing to remember while out is that you are exercising, meaning your body uses energy to propel you forward. Staying hydrated is key to maintaining stamina. Installing one or two water bottle cages can ensure you have enough to drink when away from the house.


Many people like to use beach cruisers to travel to picnic spots or perform minor trips to grocery stores. When planning an outing, you need extra storage space. Some of the best storage solutions include panniers or saddlebags. These bags hang over either side of the rear tire, providing ample storage for all your little outings.

5. Fenders

Fenders protect the spokes, rims, and wheels of your bicycle. Without them, your tires will not last as long as they should because mud, debris, and other muck wear away at vital components.


Another great storage option is a basket. Baskets can install on the handlebars or over the rear tire. Rear-wheel baskets tend to be larger than handlebar baskets because the steering is not a significant concern. Typically, baskets will provide more storage space than panniers, but they won’t be as secure.

7. Grips

Standard bicycle grips are not the most comfortable things on the planet. The stock grips are fine for riders who only spend a few minutes on their bikes or who only go riding occasionally. However, if you plan on making cycling a habit, upgrade your grips to reduce hand fatigue and cramping.

8. Patch Kits and Tools

One of the worst things that can happen to a cyclist is becoming stranded because of a popped or leaky tire. Do not go exploring ill-prepared. You should purchase a patch kit for your tires and keep a small set of essential tools on hand if you experience an emergency or accident while out riding.

The above eight items are by no means exhaustive. There are many accessories for an electric beach cruiser, but these are some of the most important. Head over to a bike shop and start buying some of these essentials for your next ride.

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