Avi Kerendian, How the Partnership between GGHTx and Dentulu will Change the World For the Better

Avi Kerendian, How the Partnership between GGHTx and Dentulu will Change the World For the Better 1

Avi Kerendian, How the Partnership between GGHTx and Dentulu will Change the World For the Better

GGHTx Co-founder Avi Kerendian on Telehealth Reform

Amid the pandemic of the COVID-19, GGHTx global health non-profit led by Co-Founder, Avi Kerendian, has not lost focus on helping those communities who are based in rural, underserved areas in Uganda and Latin America. For this reason, Avi Kerendian has made an alliance partnership with Dr. Arash Hakhamian of Dentulu, a specialized startup company in the telehealth sector, that provides a safe, and efficient platform to continue global health work in the midst of this Coronavirus (COVID-19) global crisis. It should be noted that many scientific studies have been carried out to validate the efficacy of these treatments at a distance and have been shown to be effective for the monitoring and treatment of many acute and chronic ailments.

Avi Kerendian, how important is it that the GGHTx program is associated with Dentulu?

The world is constantly changing and healthcare is no exception. After we overcome this global pandemic crisis we cannot continue treating healthcare deliver the same as we’ve always did.  This is why this alliance between GGHTx and Dentulu could not be a more successful venture by the Program Director and Co-Founder Avi Kerendian. It should be noted that it is one of the first partnerships of its kind in the telehealth branch, as Dentulu is at the forefront of global technological growth. Specifically, through this global health partnership, GGHTx and Dentulu will provide a platform, for free, eliminating long distances patients need to travel and facilitating the reception of medical care for the many people who urgently need it.

Avi Kerendian, how will GGHTx change for the better now that the nonprofit is associated with Dentulu?

Telehealth can be very beneficial for many people, especially those who are neglected in rural areas such as villages in Uganda and some small towns in Latin America. The Program Director of GGHTx, Avi Kerendian, believes that awareness of this great tool can help change the world of many people for the better. Avi Kerendian: I am proud and honored to have this partnership  with Dr. Arash Hakhamian from Dentulu. Being the first of its kind, it will have of paramount potential to provide fast, efficient, and safe health care services through the revolution of telehealth. The long-term goal is to provide a free and safe platform that allow patients in distant places, such as underserved villages, to access and receive medical services despite their physical distance from an actual medical or dental clinic. I believe this will solve many of the avoidable health problems villagers may be suffering, while also maintaining the social distance government regulations that is so important in the midst of our world crisis, due to COVID-19.

Avi Kerendian, what are the benefits of associating the GGHTx program with Dentulu?

The main advantage, Avi Kerendian, Co-Founder of GGHTx finds in this telehealth partnership is the fact that this alliance will have the potential to benefit the most people, in the shortest and least-costly way. Telehealth brings many benefits to GGHTx and the nonprofits Avi Kerendian has worked with, among the best that this partnership offers are:

First, the possibility of maintaining remote medical attention to all those who are in rural areas in distant places. Doctors can now remotely monitor and advise on the evolution of disease and treatment for the patient. Second, we would be leveraging and taking advantage of revolutionary technological advances, as well as saving travel time for patients who cannot so easily make these trips due to their villages geophysical location. At the same time, it will minimize a patient’s and village’s exposure to the COVID-19 virus that will consequently decrease the need for additional doctor or hospital visits. Likewise, GGHTx can now help reduce the costs that mobilization has entailed for both the doctor and the patient, while still continuing to treat patients with chronic disorders, monitoring their development, and prescribing the medicines they may need for the future. Given the pandemic situation, the Co-Founder  and Program Director, Avi Kerendian of “Gracias” Global Health Trips (GGHTx) recommends that you try to abide by all the regulations the authorities are putting in place in order to keep us all safe and contribute to stopping the spread of this dangerous Coronavirus.

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