Avi Kerendian, Co-Founder GGHTx on the Importance in Using Telehealth to Help Underserved Patients in Rural Villages

Avi Kerendian, Co-Founder GGHTx on the Importance in Using Telehealth to Help Underserved Patients in Rural Villages 1

Avi Kerendian, Co-Founder GGHTx on the Importance in Using Telehealth to Help Underserved Patients in Rural Villages

GGHTx Co-Founder Avi Kerendian Discusses GGHTx Plans During COVID-19 Struggles

The GGHTx Global Health nonprofit, under the direction of Program Director and Co-Founder, Avi Kerendian, has — due to this time of difficulty — made the difficult decision to suspend it’s medical mission travel programs. The two that were planned for this month of May, 2020 to Latin America and Uganda were canceled, in order to help protect GGHTx staff and volunteers as well as to join in stopping the spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19). The COVID-19 pandemic must be treated seriously, which is why GGHTx had partnered with Dr. Arash Hakhamian, CEO of Dentulu on the implementation of telehealth for global health solutions to help underserved communities in Uganda and Latin America.

Avi Kerendian, what are the benefits of the GGHTx program using telehealth?

The term of telehealth may be new to some, but not to GGHTx’s new Dentulu partnership, with Co-Founders Avi Kerendian and Dr. Arash Hakhamian. In these times of crisis, GGHT and telehealth is a powerful tool to help underserved people in rural areas around the world, and specifically, in Latin America and Uganda which is where GGHTx works. The mechanism in which telehealth leverages technology for public health benefit consists of the use of communications and technology for GGHTx volunteers and patients. Among the multiple benefits of this new method and more, in the midst of the global crisis of COVID-19, the following mutual benefits stand out:

First is the opportunity to provide medical care to many people suffering from many different diseases, without physical distance being a barrier for either the patient party or medical providers. Health experts can now freely provide their knowledge and experience to their patients without anyone having to move around and expose themselves to the dangerous coronavirus, thus, saving both valuable time and money for underserved patients and busy doctors. In particular, the most vulnerable people GGHTx helps treat, such as the young, disabled, and the elderly, now have the opportunity to receive their appointments from the comfort of their own home. With this method people with chronic disorders in very far off villages in Latin America and Uganda can now be treated, thus providing them with more independence in taking care of their own and loved one’s health needs.

Avi Kerendian, in what sense have there been advances by the GGHTx program in the use of tele-health?

The Co-Founder and Program Director — Avi Kerendian —  who leads “Gracias” Global Health Trips (GGHTx), is in search of securing GGHTx’s mission to provide free and preventative medical care to undressed villages and has thus made a strategic alliance with renowned telehealth company, Dentulu, to continue to provide medical care with a more-efficient and less-costly platform.  The purpose of this GGHTx partnership is to create a podium that offers free dental and medical assistance to people and communities who are primarily in remote areas of Latin America and Uganda. Program Director Avi Kerendian hopes that GGHTx in this way will now be able to continue its work of providing healthcare through the use of mobile devices, electronic platforms, and intra-oral cameras. By means of streaming, email, videoconferences, and text messages, the doctor/medical provider can now remotely monitor the medical progress of his or her patient and can thus indicate both the necessary treatment and the vital medications to follow for his or her recovery.

Avi Kerendian, What can we do now for those interested in GGHTx and the use of telehealth?

The “Gracias” Global Health Trips (GGHTx) Co-Founder and Program Director, Avi Kerendian, recommends following the instructions of the authorities, as that is the priority for us all. We need all of us try to stay safe and healthy in the midst of this ongoing crisis, so that we can soon get back to serving patients and continuing GGHTx’s public health efforts. As the situation has become even more serious in underserved communities, COVID-19 monitoring and treatment, even though telehealth technology like Dentulu, will be essential for all of us to help stop its spread, and support those who come in contact with it.

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