Chen Rio: All You Need to Know

Chen Rio: All You Need To Know

Chen Rio is a beach located on the east side of Cozumel, Mexico. The beach is a naturally built place for all the nature lovers out there. People visit the beach to relax and listen to the sound of seagulls and the beautiful waves. The beach has a small pool that is completely separated from the sea, which makes the place ideal for swimming. It is a popular tourist destination for snorkelers, cruise ships, and vacation goers. The island truly contains some of the stunning beaches anywhere globally, and Chen Rio Beach is one of them.

Why Choose Chen Rio?

There’s more to this beach than meets the eye. The sea offers plenty of fresh seafood, which is the specialty of Chen Rio, and maybe it is what brings the best out of this place. More so, you can even catch yourself the freshest seafood of the day. From delicious fish food to the beautiful view of the beach, most people would dream of exploring this place. Apart from that, if you think of staying a day or two at the beach, well, it offers the best of everything, you can get to stay at some of the most eye-catching Cozumel Hotels and get a taste of the different kinds of food offered here. The beautiful reef and the soothing sound of the ocean waves will truly be peaceful and a sight for sore eyes.

Where to Sleep if You Travel to Cozumel?

We thought of breaking down some of the main features of Cozumel along with the beach itself so that you wouldn’t have to go over the hassle of experimenting with each place. You could skip to the main point if you’re planning on visiting Chen Rio Beach, and we would recommend that you take Grand Park Royal Cozumel as your place of stay!

If you’ve this far, one of the questions you would be asking yourself could be, “What is so wonderful about this place that even I should give it a try?” Well, you should note that this is a 5-star All-inclusive resort with 3423 luxury rooms that each offer a complete view of the beach with crystal clear waters in front of the Paraiso Coral Reef.

The fun does not end here, as you get two swimming pools, the main pool and the second one with water activities as well as two Jacuzzis overlooking the sea. What better way to relieve yourself from all the exploring than having to relax in a hot Jacuzzi? But that’s not all; the hotel has a spa, gym, an incredible Kids’ Club, and direct access to the Royal Village Shopping center. Being one of the best, Cozumel Hotels offers the best type of vacation that you need. More importantly, there are numerous points of interest near the hotel that you can explore during your stay at Chen Rio Beach inside the Grand Park Royal Cozumel; 

• Ruinas de San Gervasio

• Arrecifes de coral

• San Miguel

• Palancar

• Parque Chankanaab

• Punta Sur

• El Cedral

• El Cielo

Once you arrive at the beach, you will be thrilled to know that this is the ideal place you would want to go to as a vacation spot along with your families! Point to be noted; if you explore the place yourself, you will be surprised by the serenity, peacefulness, and kind gesture of Cozumel and Chen Rio Beach residents.

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