Choosing the Right Employment Agency

Choosing the Right Employment Agency

Whether for a temporary position or a permanent job, you have to know how to choose the right agency for us. Some tips to achieve this. The reliability and reputation of the agency are things to check. “As you become the employee of the agency when you get the temporary job, you have to make sure that you will indeed be paid for your work by the agency”, maintains president of the agency. Resources. In addition, outgoing presidents Association of Personnel Recruitment and Placement Companies, suggests verifying that the agency is registered with this association. “All members must sign a code of ethics and meet certain standards on how to treat employees.”

Otherwise, do not hesitate to check that the agency has been around for a long time like Seattle temp agencies, that it has a good client base, a good reputation and that the approach seems professional when you meet. In addition, if you are asked to pay fees to open a file, turn your heels. “Employers pay for our recruiting services, so it’s free for job seekers.”

Be Selective Without Closing Doors

Before sending a CV, do not hesitate to ask the recruiter questions. “Remember that the agency works for an employer and not for job seekers”, employment counselor. An agency that has never placed a candidate in your field has a slim chance of finding you a job.

The first step in promoting yourself well with an employment agency is to choose your agency well. “We must seek to be represented as well as possible,” said Michael O’Leary. His first advice is to take the time to identify the companies that suit us. “We have to be able to count on them,” he said. The reputation, the network, the number of positions posted on their website and the various recommendations on platforms such as LinkedIn are all elements to check before contacting the agency. He also recommends asking what the company is capable of offering us. For example, in addition to its role as an employment agency, it can offer networking activities, advice or training.

Once the two or three agencies have been identified – no more, because that would be wasting time – the first meeting with the recruiter remains crucial. To stand out from other candidates and promote yourself with an employment agency, preparation is crucial. Michael O’Leary advises browsing the website to get an idea of ​​the jobs available, but also the type of positions you are looking for. You must also have a well-prepared CV and arrive with a minimum of two references.

In addition, if you are looking for a permanent position, avoid risking everything on one endeavor. “As each agency has its own pool of clients, it is imperative to register with two or three of them, targeting them well, not to limit yourself”, advises by owners.

The network of employment agencies makes it possible in several cases to land a good job. Sometimes neglected, the relationship with his employment agency can nevertheless prove to be decisive. “Getting along well with your advisor is very important,” says director of employment agencies. The man who has worked for 23 years in the recruitment industry explains the few steps to follow for an effective collaboration between the candidate and the employment agency.

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