Chronic Pain Relief with Light Therapy

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Chronic pain is a serious issue for many people. A 2015 study concluded that one in three Americans is affected by chronic pain annually. It not only affects your ability to work but also can come with stiffness and inflexibility. This pain can limit one’s ability to work, even going through their daily routine.

Many people are now getting NIR light therapy for dealing with chronic pain. This therapy is non-invasive, natural, and has no side effects. Therefore, a lot of people now prefer light therapy over prescription medication and surgery.

In this article, we will discuss how light therapy can bring relief from chronic pain.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy utilizes the benefits of natural light. When light falls upon the body, cells absorb energy from light. It then stimulates the body and mind for therapeutic benefits.

In NIR and red light therapy, near-infrared wavelength and visible red light wavelengths are used. Unlike natural sunlight, therapy light doesn’t contain harmful UV rays. You enjoy infrared red light sauna benefits at home by using therapy devices. Thus it delivers benefits without harming the body.

You enjoy infrared red light sauna benefits at home by using therapy devices. Also, these lights have bigger wavelengths that can penetrate deeper in the skin. As a result, light can reach deeper into the body’s tissues, cells, and bones. Red light therapy and infrared sauna are a bit different though, and some devices work by combining these two therapies.

Upon reaching inside the body, light therapy stimulates natural healing ability.  Mitochondria receives energy from light through the photobiomodulation process and increases ATP, NADH, RNA, and protein production.

ATP provides cells energy and reduces oxidative stress. Also, light therapy encourages nitric oxide release to reduce chronic pain effectively.

Red Light Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief

Red light therapy starts working at cellular levels and spreads benefits all over the body. The energized cells enhance metabolism and promote circulation in the body. As a result, blood can travel all over the body with the necessary nutrients.

When cells get necessary nutrients, they can repair damages and replicate themselves to promote healthy growth. This allows damaged cells to be replaced with healthy cells.

Light therapy helps in regulating the body’s circadian rhythm too. The body initiates several biochemical reactions and produces various hormones for health benefits. When all these work in harmony, the body can get rid of chronic pain and get healthier.

How to Receive Light Therapy?

Receiving light therapy is very straightforward. You can either book a therapy session in a therapy saloon or purchase a light therapy device for use at home.

Therapy saloons have medical-grade devices and will provide you with the most accurate light wavelength and intensity. These devices emit 10.000-lumen intensity light. High intensity can affect your eyes negatively. So, you will need to use protective goggles on your eyes. For receiving therapy in the therapy saloon, you will need to book a therapy session. Then all you need to do is relax under the therapy light.

A professional therapist will supervise your therapy session. You will need to sit under a therapy light for 15 – 20 minutes, four days per week for a month. Then depending on your desired result, you will need to customize your plan.

At-home devices are slightly less powerful than therapy saloon devices. However, many companies are now manufacturing medical-grade light therapy devices for home use.

Light therapy home devices can come in various forms. Some devices mimic the natural curvature of a human back to provide pain relief along the spine. Also, lightboxes, light therapy beds can come in handy to treat chronic pain. Some devices can be portable, and you can use them whenever it is convenient for you.

Like therapy saloon devices, you will need to turn on the light and expose yourself to it to get benefits. First, make sure it doesn’t react badly with your skin. If your skin shows any redness or tightness, stop using the therapy. Follow the instructions that come with your device for optimum results.

Side Effects of Light Therapy

Light therapy is a completely natural means of therapy. There are hardly any side effects associated with it. However, light can trigger some underlying health conditions.

Some people can develop a headache or feel nausea due to intense light. Also, some may sweat a lot after having light therapy. Patients with bipolar disorder can experience manic periods after being exposed to bright light.

If you have light-sensitive skin, it’s better to avoid light therapy. Also, take precautions if you are using medications that make you light-sensitive.

Final Word

Light therapy has delivered numerous health benefits to people. Treating chronic pain is one of the lists of benefits it offers. As the healing starts from a cellular level, it is most effective among other available treatment options. If you are tired of trying several treatment options, make sure to give light therapy a try.

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