Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Atlanta

Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Atlanta

If you are looking to take a lawsuit to court, you should be well-versed in the statutes of limitations that apply to bringing your claim. You should also know what damages can be recoverable under your claim. Also, you should be aware of the different types of commercial disputes that you might face. Depending on the nature of the dispute, you might have to go to arbitration instead of litigation.

Arbitration (or mediation) is a better option than litigation

If you have a dispute and don’t want to take your case to court, you can use arbitration or mediation instead. These methods offer flexibility and are quicker and less expensive than litigation. The decision made in arbitration may also be binding, if you agree to abide by it.

You should consult with experienced commercial Litigation Lawyers in Atlanta to determine the best method of resolution. Arbitration can be an ideal option for some disputes, while others may be better off in the courts. A business law attorney can help you decide which method is most appropriate.

In arbitration, a neutral, third party acts as a judge, making decisions for the parties in a dispute. He or she can give a written opinion, which may or may not be binding.

Damages that arise as a foreseeable consequence of a breach of contract

If you have a contract and the breaching party fails to fulfill its obligations, you may be able to get damages. These are awarded in order to compensate you for the harm that you have suffered. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the amount you can recover might vary.

The first step in calculating damages is to establish whether the harm caused by the breach was foreseeable. The answer will depend on the specific circumstances of the breaching party and the terms of the contract.

Another important aspect of calculating damages is the type of claim. There are several types of claims, including general damages, special damages, and compensatory damages.

As with all damages, the amount that you can receive will depend on the specific circumstances of the contract and the information of the breaching party. It is often important to have an attorney who can ensure that you are getting the maximum recovery possible.

Recover fees and costs in the event of a breach

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Common types of commercial disputes

Commercial disputes can be caused by a variety of situations. These may include business or partnership conflicts, fraud, or a dispute over intellectual property. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid a lawsuit and recover from a commercial dispute.

One of the most common types of commercial disputes is the breach of contract. A breach of a contract is when one party fails to meet a legal agreement. The remedies for this type of dispute include liquidated damages, specific performance, and rescission.

Another common type of commercial dispute involves a fiduciary duty. Fiduciary duties are obligations to act in a way that will benefit another person. Examples of these include a duty to disclose information, use business funds responsibly, and maintain confidentiality.

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