Common Questions About the GTI Program

Common Questions About the GTI Program

There are different companies worldwide that are currently underpaying complicated jobs. Some of the workers they hire have no choice but to work for the company. Fortunately, those skills will not go unnoticed by many Australian companies. This is one reason why Australia’s economic growth is growing steadily. 

You have the opportunity to work in Australia because of the global talent independent program. You can find that some companies in Australia hire more migrant workers because of their skills. If you are interested in working in Australia, you may have several questions about the program you need answering.

Question #1: How to apply in the GTI program?

Usually, there are about 15,000 positions in the global talent independent program that are prioritised for processing. If you want to be included in one of the 15,000 positions, you need to do the following: 

  1. Code issued by the Department and the unique identifier

You need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) letter to the Department to be part of the GTI program. The EOI should contain a cover letter, CV, and evidence of your achievements. After the Department assesses the referral, they will email you a unique identifier number and code to use for the visa application and finally be included in the GTI provisions. 

  1. Nomination

You need to get the Form 1000 in the paper-based form to be scanned and uploaded. Before your nominator completes the form, they need to be an Australian citizen/eligible NZ citizen/PR, or an Australian organisation with a nationally credible reputation. 

  1. Visa application

The critical basis is to demonstrate that you have an “internationally acknowledged record of outstanding and exceptional achievement” in your field. 

Question #2: Will the EOI application be unsuccessful? If so, will they tell me right away?

The Department can reject your EOI application if they determine your EOI application cannot meet their standards. If you do not pass the EOI application, the Department will inform you right away. 

Question #3: How much does the GTI program cost? 

If you are the main applicant, you need to pay $4,110. For dependent applicants who are 18 and above, they need to pay $2,055 each. And those dependent applicants below 18 years old are required to pay $1,030 each. However, 18 and above dependent applicants who are not fluent or proficient in English will need to pay an additional $4,890 once their visa is ready to be given to them. 

Question #4: What are the common mistakes of submitting an EOI?

In some cases, EOI applicants are not successful because they make mistakes with their applications. 

  • Incomplete EOIs

They could not provide enough evidence for their achievements or rushing to complete the EOI that they forgot other necessary documents. Before you submit the application, ensure you double or triple-check everything to prevent any 

  • Lacking Document Details

The EOI needs to be precisely detailed of everything, like the date of achievement. They also fail to address the technical parts understandably, confusing the Department to read and understand. Each part of your document should not lack any details because a single lacking one can result in an unsuccessful application. 

Now that you know the several essential questions about the global talent independent program, it can make the application process more manageable. If you need more professional help and consultation about this program, you can contact law firms like Hannan Tew. 

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