Darealmedia: The Man Hiding himself but Facilitating others


DaRealMedia. (@DAREALMEDIA; FOLLOWERS 142K) is amazingly managing different influencers such as “Rosa Iris”, “Miketokz”,”Atuedad” and “Pio La Ditingancia” among others.

Today, many influencers’ followers have successfully established their careers on different platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

If we see in detail, it is not only done by the influencers but actually, some individuals or companies guide the character’s steps or the artist, which is the case in DaRealMedia.

Being the best and youngest among the other entrepreneurs, he guided several celebrities, including both the digital and personal careers followed by thousands of fans. DaRealMedia built a dependable and robust company that facilitates the influencers and lets them rely on them to grow both internationally and nationally. 

His face is still a mystery, yet he influences countless other people in having millions of followers, getting sponsors and paid advertisements and even working with brands and films on a national as well as international level.

“Pio La Ditingancia”, has an Instagram following of more than 3.7 million followers, “Atuedad”, with a fanbase of 1.8 million, @Rosaiiriisss with an audience of 1.2 million, and “MikeTokz”, with an account of 6 million followers on TikTok and 1 million followers on Instagram is a significant milestone. 

Furthermore, these were achieved in just six months, and are living proof of how the influencers trusted their career to a person they haven’t even seen, yet he managed to change their lives for good.

DaRealMedia expresses that the purpose of him not revealing himself is to declare himself as a nobody and prove that he is working for other people’s cause.

His main aim is to make others shine, not overshadow others in front of him, and he doesn’t need any attention, so he didn’t reveal this face in front of others.

Focusing on managing the careers of both the influencers and artists is not the only work done by DaRealMedia, but he also helps those in need. During this pandemic period that plagues this world, he is among the ones who provided all the essential products to the neediest, sharing with others what life has given to him.

DaRealMedia is trying his best to expand his career and work for those who are really in need. QAAR, a taxi application in New York, is one of his most recent projects’ best examples. This is where taxi drivers keep 100% of their profits, unlike other companies that provide their workers with less than 60% of their earnings.

In short, DaRealMedia is a messiah for the strugglers and the hustlers. The world needs many more like him who are keen to make a change on their end. His efforts are laudable, and so is his performance.

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About the Author: Andrea Parker

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