Create More Space At Home With Garage Storage Lofts

Garage Storage Lofts

Our house is one of the most sacred places in this world; it is where we started walking, talking, and even learned how to eat solid food. There are many spaces in one house, and each one of them plays an essential role for each member of the family. Believe it or not, there is one room we often neglect to design or decorate, that is the garage.

A garage is often known as a space where you park your bike, car, jetski, and other seasonally used things. Some of us have a small garage area, and we somehow find it challenging to maximize that small place to store all the things we wanted to keep instead of throwing it away. Good thing there is garage loft storage that can help you with this problem.

What Is A Garage Loft Storage And Its Purpose?

Some of us are already familiar with what garage loft storage means, but some are still completely clueless. A garage loft is a space hanged above the ground and right below the roof of your garage.

Having loft storage in your garage helps you maximize the space of your garage. You can place your cars and bikes on the ground, and on the loft, you can easily store all the things you want to keep and preserve. Some of these things are seasonal decors, winter clothes, gardening tools, old photos and toys, and many more.

Things To Consider Before Having Your Garage Loft Storage

Before adding a garage loft storage in your space, there are a few things you have to consider before starting the work. First is the climate; you should consider your area’s temperature because there are some things like electronics and photographs that can not withstand a high temperature.

Second is the space; before building or making loft storage, you should get to know your space’s size and do some research if it’s suitable for your garage. The third is the type of garage that you have because the size and structure can decide if it is feasible or not to have one. Lastly is your budget; always make a budget plan before creating your loft.

Best Garage Loft Storage Products For You To Consider

There are hundreds of loft storage products on the internet that you may get confused and stressed out on which type of them you should choose for your very own garage loft. Below are the three must-have garage loft storage that you should consider buying:

Sports Bicycle Hoist

The RAD Sports bicycle hoist is one of the best sellers in the market nowadays.  They are perfectly designed to hang bicycles to free up your storage space for the other things you want to store.

Garage Ceiling Storage Rack Lift

This is adjustable storage racks that are hanged up on the ceiling of your garage to create more space. This rack is made of fine steel that can support up to 120 pounds. You can place different things on this rack, like your winter clothes and seasonal decors.

Automated Garage Lift Shelves System

These automated lift shelves are made of high-quality steel that can store a capacity of 165lb. It is perfectly designed to help you store tools, boxes, and more. Aside from that, It quickly enables you to free up your garage space.


A garage is a place in our house where we usually store all the unused items. For you to be able to store everything, you find a way to create more space inside your garage, and a garage loft storage is the best way to expand your space. A loft can also be converted to a recreational spot or a private living space aside from a storage room. 

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