Custody Battle Tips for Both Mothers and Fathers

Custody Battle Tips for Both Mothers and Fathers

Are you fighting a custody battle for your kids? If so, the following custody battle tips might mean the difference between full custody and supervised part-time custody.

Read on when your ready to discover which behaviors you should document and which you should avoid at all cost.

Custody Battle Tips for Everyone

Avoid the misuse of alcohol and drugs. When the courts evaluate your custody claim, they look at your behaviors and your suitability for parenthood. In other words, are you a good parent?

Avoid using alcohol around your children during your custody battle, altogether. If you want to consume alcohol in moderation when your kids aren’t around, that’s ok. But if you avoid it altogether when your kids are home, you won’t give your ex ammunition in court.

Avoid recreational drugs. Period. If you do use them, that’s an easy tally in the “poor parenting” column.

Yep, that even means marijuana. The US is in the middle of a paradigm change for recreational drugs, but the old regime still has strong ties. That’s especially true in the court system.

Custody Battle Tips for Fathers

Avoid fights, especially in front of your children. According to traditional gender roles, men tend to communicate through action. If they want to talk with a buddy, they might do it while driving, fishing, or working on a project.

When tensions run high, men act. Unfortunately, this often results in physical or verbal confrontations. And the court looks down on this kind of behavior, especially if you’re fighting a custody battle with kids.

If you find yourself ready to yell at your ex, try the following exercise instead.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Remember, the whole reason you’re quarreling is that you want your children.

Now, remember that fighting with your ex will lead to the court’s denial of your custody claim. Instead, say, “Our arguments do harm to our children, so I’m walking away from this conversation.” Then, turn around and leave without another word.

Custody Battle Tips for Mothers

Avoid badmouthing your ex. Yep, even if he is a loudmouth, lying, scum of the earth. The big problem with feelings is that they’re subjective and inadmissible in court.

It might be tempting to share details about your inner struggles, especially with your children, when you’re struggling. Unfortunately, your children don’t have the experience or wisdom to judge the validity of your opinions. If you say your ex is a horrible person, your children will believe you.

If you’re children ask you about something specific about your ex, answer honestly. Give them the facts rather than your opinions. That way, nothing you say can come back and bite you when you fight your custody battle.

How to Use These Tips?

Now that you’re up to date on the most critical custody battle tips, it’s time to put them into practice. See if you can follow all these tips for a month without slipping up. If you succeed, shoot for two.

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