Damages That Are Covered In Personal Injury Claims

Damages That Are Covered In Personal Injury Claims 

Personal injury claims are divided into two types, the first one is for short-term injuries, and the other one is for long-term injuries. While there is a massive difference between wounds that heal within days and those that cause severe medical complications, the pain and suffering of the victim are often the same. In long-term injuries, the person has to undergo extensive medical treatments and medication to heal entirely, and in adverse cases, the victim might never recover completely. 

Depending on the severity of your case, the court will decide how much compensation you must get. However, the court does give you a chance to prove all your damage and losses and justify the amount of claim you are demanding. Hence, hiring an experienced Bellevue personal injury attorney is a must to ensure your victory in the trial. 

Damages that are covered in personal injury claims 

  1. Medical bills and expenses 

Medical bills and expenses come under the economic damage category in personal injury cases. Here, all your medical bills, including treatments, therapies, medication, post-surgery treatment, and future expenses to maintain your medical condition’s progress are covered in a personal injury claim. 

Additionally, the medical costs given in personal injury cases include all the other expenses like doctor’s fees, hospital charges, and several present and future bills from pharmaceutical providers. 

  1.  Loss of income and working ability 

As your inquiries will not allow you to work, you will have to stop going to your office until you are completely fine. While in short-term injuries, this period lasts for weeks, in long-term injuries it can last for months or even years. While you are focusing on your healing, you will not have income for that time, so in your injury claim, the insurance policy will compensate for the time you had to take off work by providing you with coverage for your loss of income. 

In cases where the injuries turn into sickness or medical complications, the person might lose their ability to work forever, and even performing daily tasks for them can be challenging. So the insurance provider must offer compensation that fulfills the person’s requirements. 

  1. Property damage 

Even your port damages are covered in a personal injury claim if you are hurt in a car accident and it was someone else’s responsibility that you were hurt. All the property damage claims are settled beforehand in any personal injury case, including vehicle damage

However, if any person’s property was damaged in the car accident, you can also demand compensation or repair charges for that. 

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