Does Radiation Clothing Work?

Does Radiation Clothing Work?

An increasing number of studies show a relationship between EMF exposure and cancers like leukemia.

Although you may not notice the effects right away, humans are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from our phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, and more. In the modern world, it’s tough to escape EMF radiation.

How can we protect ourselves from the spread of 5G? Is radiation clothing effective at shielding our organs? Here’s what the science says about EMF blocking clothing.

What Is Radiation Clothing?

It has become very difficult to stay away from electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in a rapidly expanding technological world. EMFs are a form of radiation, like radio waves, x-rays, and infrared rays. EMFs are produced by many household appliances, from hairdryers and dishwashers to cellphones and satellite dishes.

Until recently, researchers have not considered EMFs to be a considerable threat to human health. However, more studies are now showing how this mild but constant radiation contributes to illness and even cancer.

Unless you live almost entirely off-grid, you will be exposed to some amount of EMF radiation. Radiation clothing is unique apparel designed to minimize the number of EMF waves entering the body.

How Does EMF Blocking Clothing Work?

Silver, copper, aluminum, Mylar, or stainless steel fibers are woven into the fabric of radiation clothing. In theory, these metallic threads slow or divert EMF rays, reducing the amount and severity of the radiation that can penetrate the body.

Is Radiation Clothing Effective?

Some EMF clothing brands make bold claims about their products, stating they can block up to 99.99% of radiation. In most cases, this simply isn’t true.

Firstly, most EMF clothing pieces don’t cover the entire body. It’s easy to shop for beanies, socks, T-shirts, and more, but they still leave body parts exposed. Even if a person were covered head-to-toe in anti-radiation clothing, the clothes wouldn’t completely block radiation.

It is uncertain if EMF clothes may effectively reduce radiation. If you work or live in areas with high EMF exposure, these clothes may offer some amount of EMF protection.

What to Do for Radiation Protection

If you are especially concerned about EMF radiation from your home appliances, technology, and outside sources like 5G towers, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Remove unnecessary devices from your home
  • Hardwire your compatible devices instead of Wi-Fi
  • Carry cell phones in EMF-blocking purses
  • Consider EMF-shielding paint or window films
  • Petition against the spread of 5G towers
  • Build an underground bunker

The reality of EMF radiation is more complicated than we might think. Some people fear that radiation clothing may actually increase exposure. The metallic threads could essentially turn the wearer into an antenna.

There are also differences in the frequencies themselves. Naturally-occurring EMFs are actually vital for human health, while man-made EMFs are harmful. It is difficult to find a solution that blocks only man-made frequencies.

For this reason, researchers suggest either no shielding or intermittent shielding as the safest current solution. Constantly shielding all EMFs can harm the body.

Protect What Matters Most

To summarize, radiation clothing is not the most effective means of EMF protection. Emerging studies are confirming their destructive potential, but the jury is still out on how to block man-made EMFs. For now, the best protection is avoidance.

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