Does Tea Make you Lose Weight?

Does Tea Make you Lose Weight?

The tea is a very popular drink used worldwide. It has been associated with many health benefits, in particular thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants which slows down aging and fights against cardiovascular diseases. Whether you start a diet or want to keep your weight, one of the first reflexes adopted is generally to start (or resume) drinking tea. Praised for its draining and diuretic virtues, does this drink – the second most consumed in the world – make you lose weight? Are all teas the same when the goal is to lose weight?

Personally, I don’t go a single day without using my Well-being Infusion Pack (premium green tea, Oolong tea and relaxing tea) which contains premium quality teas and keeps me in great shape all year round. The thermo-resistant and waterproof infuser bottle is perfect to take with you everywhere! In a 2008 study, 60 obese people followed a standard diet for weight loss. Half drank green tea daily; the other half drank a placebo. At the end of the 12-week study, the group that consumed the green tea daily had lost 3.3kg more than the group that consumed the placebo.

Another study made it possible to draw the same conclusion by analyzing body fat and waist circumference. Scientists believe this effect is due to catechism, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps increase your metabolism, and therefore fat burning. Some animal studies have shown that tra giam can vy tea helps lower blood sugar and triglyceride levels. 3) 4) other studies have also shown that this slimming tea stimulates weight loss.

In one study, 70 people were given one capsule of black tea per day for three months.  At the end of the study, the people who consumed the capsule had lost a kilo more than the people who consumed the placebo. Too few studies currently exist on this tea to draw definitive conclusions, but this tea may well help you find the line more easily. Many experts enlightens us in order to restore the truth on the received ideas related to tea and slimming.

Green tea is the best slimming tea

Let it be said right off the bat, not all teas help you lose weight. Black tea, for example, is not at all effective when it comes to lightening a few pounds. At the head of the allies in the tea department, green tea wins the prize. Green tea is more active because it acts directly on the cells, promotes elimination and helps burn fat”. In addition, the consumption of thane increases thermogenesis (heat production), which intensifies energy expenditure. This therefore has an impact on weight loss.

However it’s better to keep in mind “Some teas have a diuretic effect, but not really a slimming action”. If you want to lose weight, it is better to act on fat. For this, we will therefore favor a green tea associated, why not, with mate and Guarani, recognized for their fat-burning action by their destructive action on lipids. .

How much tea to lose weight?

For extent it is undeniable; green tea only has advantages for the line. “If you add neither milk nor sugar, tea contains 0 calories and increases energy expenditure, so it’s all good! To see an effect, the expert recommends consuming two cups a day, in addition to a balanced diet. Of course, the action of tea will only be visible if it is consumed regularly, over time and as a complement to a healthy lifestyle and sports, even moderate.

To not get bored, we recommend taking the time to find the green tea that you prefer, the one that you will enjoy drinking, so that its consumption is not a punishment. “Green tea is sometimes harsh, it is better to choose a soft green tea, made with the first leaves,” advises the enthusiast who reminds us that herbal infusions and herbal teas are also interesting for losing weight.

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