In Virginia, they say there must be “Something in the Water”….& we’re sure it’s the .WAV Goddess Taz Tikoon!

Taz Tikoon

2019 A3C Festival Winner, Taz Tikoon is making waves with her new EP .”WAV Goddess”. The entire project was totally inspired by water & every song on the track list was named after water. Each track on the EP seamlessly flows into one another with waterludes between each record. Taz’s unique sound is incredibly addictive and the pristine production (with co production credits from Taz) embraces her melodic variety with style and grace. WAV Goddess serves as the transformation, cleanse and rebirth of Taz with her impeccable storytelling abilities with intricate bars. The EP takes you on a journey of tidal waves while maintaining a transformative balance to help you navigate returning to your true self as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Bruce Lee’s infamous quote; “be like water”, became the daily mantra Taz chanted to help her preserver through any obstacles she came across while running her life marathon. Throughout Taz’s creative process, her mission is to identify the narrative in her life and deliver a conceptual piece of timeless art so that her fans and supporters can experience Taz journey in real time with her. In 2019, Taz was featured on Fox News Wavy TV 10 after the highly successful release of her “Mentally iLL” EP. Following the release of Mentally iLL, TAZ became a mental health advocate & spoke to over 20,000 students and teachers on the importance of mental wellness. Taz is extremely passionate about her hometown and reinvesting in her community. To bring more awareness to the visual artists in VA, Taz hosted and curated the PAIN-tings Art gala in VA to help visual artists turn their pain into PAIN-tings with the Mentally iLL soundtrack as the inspirational canvas. .WAV Goddess

allowed Taz to break the stigmas and redefine her self by being like water. When you put water in a cup, it become a cup; when you put water in a pot; it becomes a teapot, and when you listen to .wav goddess you can become water too. For more information on Taz, follow her on all social media platforms @tazmaniashow and visit

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