Dubai Dessert Safari…… discover the beauty of the desert

Dubai Dessert Safari…… Discover The Beauty Of The Desert 1

Experiences among visitors who visit the emirate, as well as its residents, from cycling to contemplation of the sky, in addition to driving exciting cars through sand dunes and safari trips in the desert, as there are many activities that you can do Among the wild areas during the coming month.

The companies that specialize in safari trips organize many activities starting from a dinner tour in the desert on the dunes within their designated locations that include the various facilities needed for their guests. You can also test a Bedouin camp and enjoy evening sessions around the fireplace, as well as short rounds of camel rides and hand-painted with henna, and other diverse activities in which life are experienced in the desert environment. The most prominent moment is to turn off all camp lights to experience an unforgettable night under the stars, while the tranquility of the desert embraces you in the evening.

To experience the beauty of the desert in Dubai, spend the night among the dunes, as most of the evening excursions in the desert include a meal and the opportunity to stay in the camp surrounded by the amazing dunes. You can spend the night in a simpler way, using a sleeping bag and a blanket or tent for two. Both options allow you to experience the sunrise in the desert while sipping coffee or tea and having breakfast before returning to Dubai in the early morning hours.

Most desert experiences offer a short round of camel rides, but if you want to experience a longer period, you must book on a specific tour during which you discover desert plants and animals, such as Arabian deer, Oryx, which are rich in reserves, and other experiences that simulate life in the desert environment.

Off-road driving tours abound with adventure and pleasure, often described as the rollercoaster of the desert. The coolest part of the off-road driving during the Dubai Dessert Safari experience is stopping in the desert to experience the most beautiful natural attractions. Many tour operators are keen to see and approach some of the hawks. You may also have the opportunity to ski on sand. In the event that you like adventure, you will have the opportunity to drive four-wheeled bikes to test your adventure and enjoy the movement between the dunes, while some companies offer authentic desert experiences, to watch the desert wildlife closely.

The Desert Safari Rides is a short drive from downtown Dubai, and it is an 75-km trail between the sand dunes. For an exceptional experience, wander through the depths of the desert where you will be amazed by the thousands of stars that illuminate the night sky, as the meditation of the stars carries a deep cultural and historical importance in the Arab region, and the guide will explain to you how the stars were used to know the direction and time.

From the Oryx to deer, camel and birds, the desert is home to a large group of animals, as the ability lakes, a network of human-made lakes in the desert, are home to 170 species of birds, some of which are endangered or endangered such as steppe vultures and Asian bustards. For a modern glimpse of traditional Emirati camel racing, head to the camel race track. Indeed, you will experience an unparalleled experience, where you will see the wonderful animals in the stables of their owners, as they jostle behind the gates.

There are many sites around ability lakes, as nature lovers can set up tents to stay overnight, so go in the late afternoon to set up the tent before sunset, and make sure you do not miss the majestic sunrise of the next morning, and if you do not like camping, instead, enjoy a relaxing stroll near Power Lakes.

These man-made bodies of water in the desert are a popular place where many of the UAE residents spend the weekend escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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