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Edit Your PDF Files

The world has become inclined to technology. Everything now is digital or paperless. Gone are the days when documents were printed and sent manually through snail mail. Even magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials are now digital. So with this, we must also progress with technology and be in-the-know of the tools that can help us with digital or online documents.

The most common format for documents is undoubtedly PDFs. And we’ll get into why they are the best file format in a little bit. We want to help you out when dealing with these documents since PDFs are not editable. But with the right tool, you can easily edit PDF online! So stick around to find out more!

Why PDFs, anyway?

We’ve mentioned that the most common files are in PDF or Portable Document Format. And it’s actually a no-brainer why it’s the most common and probably the best file type around. This format is the easiest to send and receive because you can view using any electronic device. You may use a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and a PDF will open on any of them! Another reason is that this file type doesn’t change its overall look or formatting, regardless of what device or program you use. With other raw formats such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, you’ll have a higher chance of having funny-looking files with the original formatting lost when sent or received.

Also, with PDFs, you get to save a ton of disk space in the long run, because file sizes in this format are much smaller. And in sending files you don’t want anyone to tamper with, PDFs are also the best option since you can’t just edit them right then and there.

So if PDFs aren’t editable, then what should you do?

Luckily, there’s a quick and easy solution for this. With PDFBear, you can edit any PDF file without hassle. But apart from just editing PDF files, this online software as a service (or SaaS) tool is something you’ll surely get a ton of use of because it can do it all! Whether you want to convert Word files to PDF, turn PNG images to PDF, or add watermarks to your document, there’s a feature on this awesome tool for all your needs.

Why use PDFBear?

There are so many features on this useful tool for everything you need, want, and more! When you use PDFBear, you won’t have a hard time navigating through their website because everything is laid out neatly. There’s no need for you to download any additional software or app, either! All you need is your device (either a computer or smartphone) and an internet connection. It’s accessible anywhere and you can use any of your preferred web browsers to open their website. Whatever feature you’d like to use, processing time will not be long. PDFBear is the easiest and quickest document tool around, so you won’t waste any time when having your task done.

Edit PDF features

PDFBear gives you five features with its Edit PDF option. These features are ones you can use to make your PDF even better for when you’re going to share it with your colleagues or classmates, or just for your own readings.

1.    Draw

You can easily add a drawing to your PDF file to give a visual or focus on a part of the document by adding a circle or arrow. You’re also able to adjust the color and thickness of your drawing. This feature also allows you to add your signature for cases where you need to sign a PDF file for whatever purpose.

2.    Highlight

This feature is great for reading materials in PDF format. You can easily highlight keywords, phrases, or sentences so you can easily look back at them. The highlight will look like the exact one you see when you manually use a highlighter; a transparent color on the texts.

3.    Add text

Adding texts to your PDF is not a problem with this feature. You can choose any font style, size, or color you want. This feature gives flexibility and freedom to its users.

4.    Add shape

Unlike the draw feature which lets you draw on the document, this feature already has pre-made shapes which you can add to the file. It has all the most popular shapes which you can use to make a part of the document more noticeable.

5.    Add image

For readings, reviewers, brochures, and the like, this is a helpful feature. You can easily insert an image from your device to add to your document. This is great for when you need to give visuals to the document.

Try it out now!

We’ve mentioned all the great things about PDFBear, so now, it’s time for you to try it out for yourself! Make the most out of your PDF file with this wonderful online tool. Give it a go and you’ll never need to look for any other online tool to help you out.

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