What To Remember When Someone Is Struggling With Relapse

What To Remember When Someone Is Struggling With Relapse 1

When someone you love starts recovering from alcohol addiction, you feel good. Well, it is a positive sign. But, if they start facing relapse symptoms, it might be painful for you. While it is natural to get angry or frustrated, you need to keep a few things in mind-

Don’t Make Them Feel Guilty

Though the relapse might make your loved one feel guilty, make them understand that they shouldn’t. Like your loved ones, there are many people who struggle with alcohol addiction and recover from it. They just need to believe that everything will be better.

Moreover, relapse doesn’t mean that they have failed in the journey of life. It just means that they need to get treatment from a good facility, like alcohol rehab in Louisville. React calmly to their relapse and encourage them to go for the treatment.

Don’t Compel Them To Seek Help, Though

While it is necessary for them to undergo treatment at drug rehabs near me, don’t force them to do so. They may feel like being stigmatized if you keep on saying things, like ‘Why aren’t you ready to go for treatment at alcohol rehab Kentucky?’ It will only prevent them from getting sober.

For the, alcohol is a way to cope with pain and emotional trauma. It is difficult for them to imagine their life without alcohol. So, give them some time to realize that alcohol isn’t good for their health, and their life will be better without drugs.

Just look for the best, professional drug rehabs near me Kentucky, and let them choose on their own. Tell them about the benefits of living alcohol-free life. You can also accompany them on the initial meetings at the rehabilitation center.

Know What May Make Them Feel Ashamed

If you keep on saying bad things about addiction, or criticize them, you won’t be able to help them get sober. You want to help them break free from alcohol addiction and not make them feel guilty or ashamed. Here are a few things you should avoid saying to a person struggling with relapse-

  • Why don’t you want to get treatment?
  • Why can’t you quit drugs and alcohol?
  • You are so selfish; you just think about yourself.
  • You don’t have guts to overcome alcohol addiction.

Don’t Get Angry At Them

When your loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, it’s natural to get angry. You may get even more concerned seeing their habits, like stealing money, or hiding drugs, that come along the way. But, getting angry at them won’t do any good. Instead, you should try to stay calm and encourage them to go to medical detox near me.

Don’t Hold Yourself Responsible For Their Habit

Your loved one may put all the blame of their habit on you. But, don’t believe them. They feel the urge to take drugs or alcohol because of their own habit. You can’t make them drink alcohol or get high with drugs. If they blame you, it’s time to send them to Kentucky drug rehab and get treatment. For more information on drug rehab check out The Hader Clinic

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