Ecommerce Stores Are Taking Multiple Steps to Encourage More Adoption of Online Shopping

Ecommerce Stores Are Taking Multiple Steps To Encourage More Adoption Of Online Shopping 1

Ecommerce Stores Are Taking Multiple Steps to Encourage More Adoption of Online Shopping

The advent of technology and social media has increased the popularity of online shopping.  To ensure that shoppers’ experience shopping online is seamless and like shopping at the brick and mortar store, companies have undertaken the following steps at their shopping sites.

Companies have ensured that their shopping sites are user friendly in all platforms, websites and mobile.  They have also included useful functions at the important checkpoints in their shopping sites, from browsing, recommending shoppers items based on their search, to adding their items to cart, applying discount codes, and checking out.

Besides working on the platforms, companies have come up with various marketing efforts to entice shoppers to visit and make purchases at their shopping sites.  The marketing efforts are customised to the different target customer groups and occasions.  The marketing efforts are also customised in accordance to the different social media platform, including Facebook and Instagram.

Teenagers, especially teenage girls form one of the main group of online shoppers.  Shopping is one of the teenage girls’ favourite pastime and they are multi-channel shoppers.  This group of shoppers have the following characteristics, they are brand conscious and their buying behaviour is heavily influenced by their friends’ opinions or their favourite celebrities.  They are also more fickle and looking out for good buys, to snag the best deals in town.

Companies’ various marketing efforts to attract this group of shoppers are customised in response to the above-mentioned buying characteristics.  The companies have also tailored their marketing efforts for the different occasions, such as birthday and proms nights.

One of the main marketing efforts go towards targeting teenage girls search and purchase of birthday gifts.  Companies are mindful that teenage girls are at a stage where they are transiting to adulthood.  The gifts recommended to them also vary by age, for example the list of gifts for 17 year old girls is different from that of 13 year old girls. In general, the gifts recommended will help them progress to the next stage in their life, to womanhood

In view of their delicate stage in life and the fact that they are largely influenced by their friends’ opinions, the gifts recommended should look womanly, not mature and not childish.  The gifts should look chic and cool too.

Marketing efforts need to be constantly updated to cater to their changing tastes and fashion and advertising should be made at sites relating to their hobbies and interests.

Though this target group requires more marketing efforts, companies find it a worthwhile investment due to their purchases made.

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