Look Younger! The Best Anti-Aging Tips

Look Younger!

Look Younger The Best Anti-Aging Tips

Can you tell the worst mistakes from the best anti-aging tips to look younger after 40, 50 or 60? Experts tell us about the worst beauty mistakes that women can make as they age  and how to remedy them with the best anti-aging tips and tricks.

Beauty Error: Wear only short hair after 40

Anti-aging advice: dare long hair to look younger

Writer Dominique Browning caused a storm when she asked a beauty question that turned out to be most taboo in the New York Times: why mature women wouldn’t they have the right to wear long hair?

It seems that it is essentially a question of traditions, nothing more! This is an excellent reason to question this unwritten rule and to dare long hair. In the past, when you became a mother,” remembers stylist Amy Tara Koch, “you changed your hairstyle to adopt the madam look, which inevitably made you look older.

However, nothing prevents you after your forties from wearing your hair the way you want, as long as you have healthy hair that highlights your face. “You just have to avoid too flamboyant, unnatural or aging hairstyles, warns stylist Stacy London.

You can for example cut your hair in a gradient, so that it falls slightly under your shoulders and nicely frame your face and choose best face care products. In fact, says stylist Amy Tara Koch, long hair is sometimes even more flattering as you get older. “In addition, many actresses wear natural looking bangs in order to camouflage their wrinkles and colored contacts, she notes.

Change your head

Haven’t you changed your hairstyle for 20 years? According to skincare experts, this can only age you. To look younger, have a more modern haircut that looks good on you. When your head starts to turn gray, think about the coloring: for example, have your streaks a shade or two lighter than the chestnut color, which will make it easier to hide gray hair. It has the effect of drawing attention to the other colors.

To rejuvenate your image, favor up-to-date or timeless jewelry and avoid old or faded jewelry. Do not hesitate to wear colorful jewelry or jewelry that has personality, such as a solid necklace with bright colors that will give you radiance. Make sure you keep a certain balance: if you opt for a very colorful necklace, tone down the rest of your outfit or accessories. Even better, this will put even more emphasis on your pretty necklace and its vibrant colors!

Beauty mistake: using an inadequate or poor quality moisturizer

Anti-aging advice: use a good quality moisturizer

With age, the skin tends to dry out and this is why you must keep it well hydrated. It is therefore very important to use quality moisturizers. Apply a good quality moisturizer to your skin every day and if you can, choose best skin care

products. A rich night cream is essential in order to reduce the visibility of fine lines on the face. If you can, also choose makeup with moisturizing properties. Finally, also make sure to choose the moisturizer that matches your skin type (more or less dry or oily).

Beauty error that women make when aging: do not use blurring products

Anti-aging advice: use blurring products

To reduce the appearance of large pores or fine lines, be sure to use a “blurring” product. “They act as a moisturizer and a foundation – but they offer more,” says Stephanie Wong, product manager for skin and sun care at HEYLovelySkin. “They smooth the appearance of the skin by blurring the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and pores, while giving the skin a mat and velvety finish. »Blending products can be applied as a finishing touch to a beauty routine, or on their own.

Make-up error: Apply mascara to the lower lashes

Anti-aging advice: Watch out for Mascara!

Applying mascara to the lower lashes increases the risk of accentuating crow’s feet, dark circles and hyper pigmentation on the face. If you’re looking to create a dramatic look, focus on your upper lashes instead. Use an eyelash curler (it’s the best way to lengthen your lashes and rejuvenate your look) and apply the blackest mascara possible. Finally, make sure to apply it as close to the root as possible to get the best result. Getting enough hydration is essential for health, because we eliminate a large amount of water, day after day. But hydration is also the key to youthful, healthy looking skin.

Dehydration can indeed dry the skin, or make it duller and accentuate the appearance of wrinkles. That said, there is no point in drinking 10 liters of water a day. When your skin is sufficiently hydrated, your body will eliminate excess fluids. Unfortunately, water cannot by itself make all our wrinkles disappear by magic! If you don’t like the taste of water, try drinking green tea, or dilute a small amount of unsweetened juice with a large amount of water. You can also add a few drops of lemon or lime juice to your water to give it an even more refreshing taste and fill up with vitamin C.

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