Eight Lesser Known Facts about Sergio Kato

Bout Sergio Kato You Should Know

Eight Lesser Known Facts about Sergio Kato You Should Know

For more than four and half decades now, Sergio Kato has entertained us. His faultless conduct together with the simplicity of a common man proves to be a deadly combination that has influenced masses of every generation. In anticipation of what is next, he will leave you laughing, crying or biting your nails. His performances and stunts are easily possible, and we always want more. But the actor is more than just his action-packed films, let’s check the facts you probably didn’t know about him. During an Interview with Zobuz, the living legendary superstar has unfolded many different dimensions of his life.

”Turn your setbacks into comebacks to life and challenges you can change as you think.” Sergio Kato.

Some less well-known but interesting facts about Sir Sergio Kato’s facts are here.

01). The Brazilian-American actor, TV host, dancer, comedian and former martial artist -Sergio Kato’s real name is Sergio Luiz Pereira. Sergio was born on July 15, 1960. His stage name is Sergio Kato.

02). Kato’s mother name is Libyan. She is a retired psychologist and Lebanese descent, Naturalized and living in Brazil. Kato own business after her name. She is a mother of five sons. Sergio’s brother Mazaropi is a Brazilian ex-football goalkeeper, and now he’s a soccer coach. Kato is married to Jacqueline Pereira. They have one kid.

03). Sergio Kato at the age of fifteen only, started to play publicities and live theater with his friends at O Tablado in Brazil. In 1975 Kato worked with director Cecil Thirre on Rio de Janeiro’s Brazilian Globo TV. Thirre invited him to take part in Starred Jo Soares ‘ “Vivao Gordo” cast a TV comedy series. He was working as a model and then as a comedian. Sergio Kato (1981) did modeling in Brahma soft drinking commercial in Brazil; it was Brazil’s first national TV commercial, a popular Brazilian soda Guarana Brahma.

04). He worked in Brazilian Air Force in 1982. Kato made his acting debut in the same year at “Swingin ‘ Betty” (1984). Then later he moved to the USA in 1985. He studied English at the California High School and earned his diploma from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television at the University of California in Los Angeles. Likewise, several projects in Europe and the United States change quickly in the film industry.

05). After a stage play at Scala Rio music venue in 1985, he gained greater success in his home town of Rio de Janeiro. He gained great recognition for his role as a dancer and comedian in his home town of Rio de Janeiro. Kato has worked since then on many marketing promotions, television shows and movies. He is an ex-model and actor alive. In addition to the acting career, Kato is still so styled. The role of Brenda Starr, Cab Driver Jose (1984). In the USA (1986) Kato played the character in Miami Vice as Nelson Oramus, in 1989 Brenda Starr as Cab Driver Jose (1984) (as Sergio Pereira) and many more.

06). Sergio Kato, is available around the world for traveling and collaborating with inspired professionals. He signed with a modeling agency in New York City, worked with Dylan Bruno in advertisements for Calvin Klein and modeled in Paris, Japan and Milan. His career in modeling includes posing for Polo Ralph Lauren, Georgia Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Timex and so on.

07). Sergio Kato is a big fan of William Shakespeare. Sergio is a Lover of Nickelodeon. He has great aesthetic taste of saying numerous personal quotes. Few as examples are here:

  • We can have “Some fun here”
  • Actually, as a kid, I wanted to be a soccer player, but “I wasn’t good enough, so I became an actor.”
  • Tomorrow is only a day away. “God is with you, tomorrow and forever!”
  • “Sometimes in your dreams, you do what you wish you could do in reality”
  • ”What we are going to do with him”?
  • ”Turn your setbacks into comebacks to life and challenges you can change as you think.”

08). As a talent agent Vic Perillo represents Sergio Kato. Perillo is also a blogger, artist, and lecturer. Kato is also great fan of the LA Gladiators too.

Sergio Kato is known for his work on “Only the Powerful” “Only the Strong” (1993), Missing in Action 2: the Beginning (1985) and Flying Virus (2001). He claims artists are skilled in so many creative abilities. The proprietor of Hotel has intended to set up the Sergio Kato Foundation? Kato added: “We must also feed the Future, we must end Hunger by 2030. Please!”

The living legend dreams to host a talk show in Brazil. For more details about Sergio Kato, you can visit his social media links.

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