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Tourism and Hospitality of India

The tourism in India is an important economic resource on which very much point and that’s why the tourist offer of the country is particularly large and more and more people choose it as a holiday destination. Of course, this also indicates that it will be necessary to book early in order to find holiday packages with the best value for money.

Why do tourists like India so much?

India, an ancient country where the testimonies of millennia of history, culture and art are visible in every corner: a territory where modernity and testimonies of the past coexist perfectly. But not only, here you find immense white beaches and coasts, high peaks of the Himalayas, tropical forests but also desert, and then suggestive temples and palaces, in short, every glimpse promises a different and equally exciting scenario. One of the most popular tourist itineraries for architectural testimonies and monuments is the famous Golden Triangle of India which touches cities such as Delhi, Agra where the Taj Mahal stands majestically and splendidly, and the pink city Jaipur known for the Palace of the Winds.


India in the northern and central regions is also known for  trekking , sports activities in general as well as safaris and religious ceremonies that have always captured the attention and hearts of tourists. One of the best known is the Festival dei Carri which is held in Puri between June and July, during which homages are paid to the divinities by crowds from all over the country. Tourism in India touches all territories, in addition to the nature reserves where it is possible to spot tigers, there are mosques, museums, Hindu and Jain temples, characteristic villages and breathtaking views such as those in the state of Sikki m located in the eastern territories, at the borders with Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Bengal, but let’s not forget also of Ladakh and Kashmir, in Northern India, where nature takes on a fairytale aspect.

A large influx of tourists is registered in the southern regions thanks to the numerous and splendid beaches, Kerala, Karnataca and Tamil are some of the states that host these coasts where the nightlife is lively and lasts until morning passing by parties by the sea, raves, and parties in the numerous night clubs, one of the best  places in India. If you want to make your seaside holiday in India even more special, then the Laccadive archipelago  is a must visit, there are 35 islands of which only two are open to tourism, a paradise on earth still untouched.

Best Climate

The best time to come to this country depends a lot on the destination you choose and in any case whatever month you choose and any itinerary you decide to travel, India will know how to involve and excite you, giving birth to the desire to return before you have even returned home. India is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries around the world, each traveler will sooner or later want to visit and given its large size you are forced, inevitably, have to choose which part of exploring. Thanks to a  multicultural society  that has its roots in great and glorious  empires , the  history  of this country is very  rich  and complex and today the traces of  ancient cities  and  monumental temples   are scattered everywhere. Visiting Northern India may be the best solution for first-time visitors. It is possible to reach the   country’s capital, New Delhi. G iunti in the city you can explore the stunning architecture of old colonial and ancient temples or, starting directly at the first stage of the ‘ Northern India. It is generally recommended to spend at least one day in New Delhi since, being the seat of the government of the nation and one of the most important urban centers, there are many interesting things to see.

The Rajasthan is the largest province in all of northern India.  Jaipur, the capital, is called the pink city so called because of the   often predominant color of the buildings and private residences. Despite being founded in the early eighteenth century, Jaipur has a very advanced organizational structure, which divides its entire territory into well-defined grids. Hospitality Indian is absolutely unparalleled in the world and the strong colors and vibrant will be one of the first things you’ll notice coming to town. The big bazaar  in the  city is certainly worth seeing  old , where there is a large number of  craftsmen  who sell their products to both  tourists  and residents. The next stage of the trip could be the city of  Agra , however the distance between the two is quite considerable, for this reason an intermediate stop is usually made to visit  Fatehpur  Sikri , a splendid urban complex that was  abandoned  at the end of the  1500s .

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