Everything you don’t know about Dragon Ball Z

Everything you don't know about Dragon Ball Z

Everything you didn’t see and you don’t know about Dragon Ball Z

It was one of the most anticipated titles of the past era of 2019, and neither Bandai Namco nor Cyber Connect 2 have disappointed to show the first game play trailer of this expected work. Dragon Ball has also been seen in an extensive demonstration from which they have collected the most important data to make a special video paying special attention to those details that you may have missed.

They have spent years enjoying works on Dragon Ball Z in the videogames sector, but the universe of Akira Tori Yama has almost always been portrayed as a title where fights have been the central pillar. Totally logical, but having such a legion of fans interested in this anime, it was to be expected a game with the characteristics that Dragon Ball promises to have now. It seems that the RPG features of the title developed by Cyber Connect 2 will live up to expectations, and the wide world that we can explore furrowing the skies with Goku and his friends seems to be taken care of to the smallest detail. Despite this, it is true that there have been details that have not convinced us, but considering that Dragon Ball will not be available until a date yet to be specified in 2020, the company has the time to polish and improve certain aspects that have room for improvement.

Dragon Ball Z is a title that invites fans to dream of a work we have been waiting for years. For now, Bandai Namco’s work has shown some very positive aspects that excite us and encourage hope. We will observe it in detail in upcoming events, such as the HappyGamer.com in which we hope to have a new opportunity to enjoy this promising work again. Meanwhile, you can enjoy all the news that the title generates, such as recent images not seen so far.

Dragon Ball Z is located a few years after Dragon Ball: Son Goku has grown up, has married Chi Chi and has had his first child, Son Gohan. In four arches he tells us how the earth faces several enemies that only have one objective: to destroy it or to rule it. The first of these enemies will end up becoming an ally and one of the most popular characters in the series: Vegeta, who for many will rival the leading role with Son Goku himself. Behind him, the greatest villain we have been able to enjoy in the series appeared, so much that decades later it remains a vital part of the saga’s argument: Frieza. Finally we have Cell and Majin Boo, good enemies of Goku, but without the same charisma as Vegeta and Frieza, something that denotes the author’s fatigue with respect to the series. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Just Received A New Trailer That Shows Some Of The Activities You’ll Get To Enjoy

Dragon Ball tells us the life of Son Goku, a boy inspired by the Chinese legend of the monkey king who has an ape’s tail, a flying cloud and a magic staff and who accompanies Bulma around the world in search of Dragon Balls: seven spheres capable of granting any wish by bringing them together and invoking the Shenlong dragon. During this trip he will improve his skills as a fighter and meet the characters that will accompany him during most of the series: Krillin, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han, Muten Roshi or Piccolo.

This first part of the series was characterized by being very funny and casual, initial objective with which Toriyama would create Dragon Ball, although later it took a radical turn in this direction.

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