What The Impact of Video Games on Children’s Brain?

The Impact Of Video Games On Children'S Brain!

The Impact of Video Games on Children’s Brain?It is not the same as children under nine years of age watch a video of ‘Peppa Pig’ to play to kill monsters or interact with strangers in the networks

Children come standard adapted for change, their brain is more flexible precisely. Adults like change less because it is not pleasant to change our thinking when we have been doing it for 40 years. When poetry and theater appeared, Plato criticized her in her Republic; the appearance of books in the middle Ages was criticized, because it corrupted minds. Later, that television stuns the brain and now, more of it, with computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles.

First we must consider the age of the child associated with their ability to choose and responsibility and then assess the type of activity they perform with the device. Watching a Peppa Pig video is not the same as playing kill monsters or interacting with social networks with strangers.

Up to three years

From the second year of life, children can interact with devices in basic games such as what is the lion? They are essentially passive spectators who do not because they require sustained attention and proactivity that cannot be maintained for long. They get bored by not being fully aware of the goals, achievements, levels and rewards of the game, which do motivate at older ages; their interest does not pass the colors and dolls moving.

His relationship with electronic devices is focused on watching cartoons, gameplay or some absurd videos, like a girl who opens 50 surprise eggs. From the psychological point of view, there is no difference with watching television and the proximity does not harm their eyes because if it bothers them, they tire their eyes or dry their eyes, they just stop watching, which older children do not do when they play actively .

What Research says!

In this regard, some research indicates that constantly focusing on close visual ranges can stress and tire the eye and eventually lead to myopia. However, research finds no correlation between the use of these devices and myopia. The most important cause of myopia in children is simply inheritance. Children with myopic parents are more likely to develop myopia.

The only precaution, which must be taken, apart from the volume, is the brightness and type of light emitted by the screen, that is, if you see them in the evening, we must control the brightness since a high brightness and towards blue tones could delay its DLMO (dim light melatonin onset), the time of biological segregation of melatonin when the brain detects that there is no light and orders the pineal gland to secrete this hormone that induces neurophysiological changes for the onset of sleep. Modern Warfare’s Tick Rates Are Astonishingly Low For A Game That Wants To Be Competitive. It is best to activate the blue shade option that blocks the blue light or use a similar application or put a blue light filter. This advice is valid for all ages. As a general rule, exposure to bright light in the morning anticipates sleep time at night, and in the afternoon, delays it.


Finally, the homeostatic component of sleep (the time it has been awake) is too strong at this age for an electronic device to subtract hours of sleep; you will fall asleep as interesting as you see. On the contrary, a tablet with the brightness and sound very attenuated can help you fall asleep on difficult days.

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