Facts You Should Know About Argyle Diamonds

Facts You Should Know About Argyle Diamonds

Diamonds are precious but the argyle pink diamonds are irresistibly undoubtedly one of the most rare diamonds in the world. But, there’s more to them than just the pretty color when it comes to these diamonds. This post shares the basics you should know as a diamond enthusiast.

Let’s dive in and unravel these together

To Say They’re Rare Would be an Understatement

Yes, pink is a color that’s quite common. But that commonality doesn’t apply when it comes the argyle diamonds. Walking out there, you’ll wonder why the many diamonds that women have on their rings are predominantly white and not pink. The fact that white diamonds are more common makes them less appealing as people like things that aren’t all over the place.

However, there’s a good explanation of why the pink diamonds are rare; and it’s not that someone is hoarding them up somewhere. Out of every one million carats of diamonds mined, only one carat will be refined and found suitable to sell. That explains why you don’t get to meet them more often out there.

Origin of the Pink Diamonds

The pink diamonds originate from Australia in an area that’s known as the Argyle Mine. The mine is responsible for the production of over 90% of the world’s argyle diamonds. This factor inspired the name, although you’ll find these diamonds in selected countries globally, including South Africa, Brazil, Canada, and Russia.

The Source of the Pink Pigmentation

Where does the pink color come from in these rare diamonds? That’s a question many diamond lovers ask all the time. The first thing worth clarifying here is the exact color of these diamonds recognized in their certificates. Most of the time, the diamonds are described as either orange-pink or purple-pink.

It’s believed that pinkish pigmentation occurs due to certain deformations in the structure of the diamonds. The theory explaining this color is known as the plastic deformation theory. Although it has never been verified, it’s believed that the diamonds get the pink color after landing on the earth’s surface. The changes in its new surroundings make the diamond take on new shades of colors such as purple, pink, or orange. Since these deformations aren’t rampant, that explains why these types of diamonds are so rare.

Because of the different color shades, the pink diamonds are not created equal. There are specific shades that are preferred by buyers more than others. The primary color shades include fancy vivid, fancy deep, fancy intense, fancy light, light, and very light. Based on their color shades, fancy vivid is the most-cherished, while the “very light” shade has the lowest appeal out of the whole group.

The pink diamonds also come in more complex and attractive shapes compared to their white counterparts. Therefore, they are more difficult to polish, which would again justify the high prices they fetch in the market.

Highly Valuable and Sought After

Many jewelry enthusiasts will give anything just to get their hands on these brands. According to the Rio Tonto company, the Argyle Mine owners, one carat of the pink diamond can go for as high as $100,000. The price may vary further depending on the cut, shape, clarity, and intensity of the color.

The secondary hue will also play a role in detecting the price that a given type of diamond fetches at the end of the day. For example, if you’re interested in a brown shade, you’ll pay less than someone looking for a purple one. But because of the secondary hue property, you’ll not find a diamond that’s a replica of another. Unique is the rule of the game when it comes to these rare gems. 

The Most Famous Diamonds in the World

You can’t talk about pink diamonds without Daria-i-Noor, the largest and most coveted cut of diamonds in the world. Many people who love pink diamonds fell in love after seeing the Daria-i-Noor cut, whose popularity spread throughout the world like wildfire. This cut is in Tehran as part of the Iranian Crown Jewels.

Apart from the Daria-i-Noor, the Noor-ul-Ain is the second example of pink diamonds. The cut was nicknamed the “light of the eye” thanks to its exceptional and rare clarity. It weighs 60 carats and has a captivating oval shape. Owing to the big-name it has made for itself; the cut was used during the Iranian Empress Farah Pahlavi’s wedding as a centerpiece.

When you combine the color pink and diamond, you get a powerhouse of class, beauty, and elegance. It’s the reason the pink diamond is referred to as a woman’s best friend, given that it combines all the virtues that women love into one piece of jewelry.

You can never get enough of diamonds. With so many fascinating facts about pink diamonds, owning one or several of them would be a dream come true for anyone. Browse around to find out more about these precious games and how you can own them today.

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