Tips for Finding a Reliable Criminal Defense Lawyer

Reliable Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal lawyer could make all the difference when you’ve got a criminal charge that’s threatening your freedom. At this point, you can’t take any chances, and working with a reliable criminal defense lawyer like Morgan Benfield should be your top priority. But how do you go about finding one that will help you put up a strong defense when there’s a sea of them out there claiming to be experts at what they do?

Finding a criminal lawyers Sydney can be a daunting and excruciating process, especially if you’re a newbie in law and justice matters. But the good news is, you don’t have to guess second because by so doing, you’ll be gambling with your freedom. Below are some tips to guide you in finding and picking a criminal attorney representing you in the best light possible.

1. Look for a responsive lawyer

Time is of great essence when it comes to criminal charges. Time wasted could cost you the entire case. That’s why you need to find a lawyer that’s responsive and alert.

It’s easy to find out whether or not a lawyer is responsive. Start by determining the amount of time taken to respond to you when you first contact them. In most cases, even the busiest of lawyers will have a person responsible for handling correspondence with their clients.

The best lawyer, based on this merit, is one that responds in the shortest time possible. A lawyer with a legal team that’s able to arrange a meeting with you within a single day is your best shot here. Faster response to emails, texts, or phone calls is a good indicator that such a lawyer is diligent and will extend the same quality in handling the entire case.

2. Specialization is the keyword

The best lawyer to work with is one that specializes in criminal law. If you’re doing an online search, ensure that you scrutinize the entire site to determine whether or not they list this as one of their specialties. Where there’s no evidence of such on their website, you might want to think twice about hitting their contact button.

If anything, go with a lawyer that has considerable experience in the practice of criminal law. A lawyer that’s frequently exposed to these types of cases is up to date with the nooks and crannies of criminal law, thus the best person to represent you.

3. Ask for referrals for a criminal attorney in Sidney

Gre at lawyers have a solid reputation that precedes them. For this reason, the best place to begin your search is to ask those in your search if there’s an excellent criminal lawyer they know. It’s nearly sure that you won’t miss someone from your friends, colleagues, or even family with some solid pointers that could save you a lot of trouble when looking for an attorney.

Another better option is to ask another lawyer. Let’s say you know a business or real estate lawyer. The chances are high that this person also knows someone who perfectly fits the bill for the kind of criminal charge you’re facing. If such a person wants the best outcome for your case, they’ll refer you to someone that will get you off the hook.

4. Someone familiar with the local courts

When facing a criminal charge, you don’t want to work with a lawyer that’s a stranger in the local courts. So, don’t relax when you find a lawyer experienced in criminal law but go a step further to establish how much they know the corridors of the courts near you. That’s because relationships matter everywhere, even in courts.

Such a person will know how these courts work. They’ll also have a good understanding of the individual judges that handle such cases. Where a jury is involved, they’ll know the patterns that most jury decisions follow and develop the best plans to give you a better chance of winning. But with a lawyer that’s as new as you in the local courts, things might be a bit harder to crack; but doable all the same.

 5. Source your lawyer from reputable sources

The internet is exploding, with thousands of sites claiming to be legit sources of the best criminal lawyers. While some of these sources are genuine, others aren’t worth your attention. There are various ways you could verify their claims. For instance, head over to Google + and Facebook, then search for their profile.

 Do they have reviews that point you in the direction of the kind of reputation they claim to have? While at it, you should take care not to fall prey to paid reviews. Out of desperation and craftiness, many pay people to do them decorative reviews that, at first sight, you’ll want to hit the contact button immediately. But just before you do that, pause, read through again, this time with a critical eye, and see it’s genuine, or there’s something fishy about these reviews. It sounds too pushy; then, it could indicate that you should start running in the opposite direction.

Last words

The key to finding a reliable criminal lawyer is to remain objective during the entire process. Ensure your emotions don’t get in the way of making a balanced decision after you’ve done your research and weighed the available options.

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