Fashion Guide: How To Match Jewelry to Your Outfit

How To Match Jewelry To Your Outfit

When it comes to combining jewelry with an outfit, there are many different ways you can go about it. You might need to find a piece of jewelry to wear with an existing outfit. Or, you can build an outfit around the jewelry you already own.

Either way, there are rules to abide by when finding out how to match jewelry. Each piece of jewelry should work together, not against one another. Becoming aware of what works together while putting together an outfit can take some practice.

That’s why we’ve compiled a short fashion guide to help make the process easier. Read on to learn more!

Consider Your Outfit’s Color Scheme

Finding jewelry that complements the shades, one can enhance an outfit and make you look even more fashionable. For example, if you’re going for a classic black-and-white look, coordinating the look with some dainty white pearls or a gold statement piece will bring the entire outfit together.

Conversely, if you’re wearing tonal tones of blues and greens, accessorize with stones in those shades by choosing aquamarine jewelry, a vivid ocean-blue opal, or even a pair of emerald studs.

Additionally, when wearing solid jewel-tone colors like ruby, sapphire, and amethyst, you can use classic silver or tarnished brass to add some contrast and personality. You can make any outfit look even better by selecting pieces that fit your current ensemble.

Decide on a Metal Tone

Matching jewelry to an outfit starts with deciding on a metal tone that complements the colors and fabrics of your clothing. Silver and platinum are versatile metals that look best in soft, monochromatic colors. Gold complements colors in the warm spectrum but can also be paired with cooler colors.

Rose and pink gold have a romantic, feminine vibe and work well for casual looks. If you’re wearing bold colors or prints, a mixture of metal tones can add visual depth and balance. Pair bright jewelry with vibrant colors and delicate pieces with subtle hues. Of course, above all else, choose jewelry options that make you feel beautiful and match any outfit.

Determine Your Jewelry’s Formality Level

Formal jewelry includes sleek, simple jewelry made with precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Jewelry is considered more casual when made with less expensive metals like silver and includes more ornate details such as engraving, unique cuts, and colored stones.

For a formal event, opt for more precious metals and simple designs. On more casual occasions, bright and eye-catching pieces and creative cuts are much more appropriate. Your jewelry should also complement your style and fit with the look you’re trying to achieve.

Opt for timeless pieces that will last for years, or wear modern pieces for a fashionable flair. Click for men’s Viking jewelry for a vintage look. Accessories should always be a tasteful addition and not overpower the outfit.

Consider Your Personal Style

If you prefer a classic and timeless look, opt for a classic string of pearls, a sleek gold bangle, or a set of diamond studs. If you like to take risks with fashion, large statement earrings or colorful gemstone rings make a bold statement. Consider the type of event you’re attending and dress accordingly.

Your Perfect Fashion Guide

The right jewelry can bring together your outfit with an effortless touch. Consider scale, texture, color, and occasion when matching jewelry to your outfit. Remember, increase your confidence and complete your look with this fashion guide.

Don’t stop getting smart about fashion now. Follow our coverage for more tips and tricks for upgrading your look.

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