Fly Away: 8 Travel Ideas for Your Next Trip

Travel Ideas

It seems as if most people have been bit by the travel bug recently. We spend hours each week on social media dreaming about traveling to beautiful places.

The problem is that we think we need to plan a big, expensive trip in order to enjoy a vacation. But that’s simply not true.

Instead, we recommend planning mini-vacation ideas this year that are far more affordable, yet every bit as adventurous. You can find out things to do in Lake Tahoe in Summer and plan your trip there.

There are tons of great vacation ideas for families, vacation ideas for couples, and some for the solo traveler who just needs a quick getaway. Here are 8 incredible, yet affordable travel ideas to get you off your couch and out into the world this year.

1. Explore a Nearby City

Everyone has a nearby city that they have heard great things about but never got around to visiting. Plan a simple overnighter exploring this city, so you can finally see what the buzz is about.

Find a local coffee shop and stop in for a cup of coffee and some information. Baristas (and other locals) can provide the best recommendations for the price of a coffee. 

2. Enjoy a Weekend Outdoors at a State Park

Grab your tent or rent a cabin in one of your local state parks. Enjoy a weekend outdoors basking in the sun, paddling, hiking, and breathing in the fresh air.

3. Cross a National Park Park off Your Bucketlist

With 62 incredible National Parks in the US, there’s bound to be one near you. Even if not, they are all worth driving to. Find the best hiking trails and photography spots to make all your friends jealous.

4. Hometown Travel Ideas

You don’t even need to leave your own town to get the travel buzz. The vacation rental industry has grown astronomically in recent years. Beautiful, creative houses, camper vans, treehouses, and cabins are everywhere.

5. Explore Your Region

Wherever you live in the US, there is a neighboring state you are probably unfamiliar with. Pack up the car and see what the surrounding states have to offer. Find the most “touristy” spots and make the most of them. Check out Limo find to enhance your road trip travel.

6. Fly to a Nearby Country

You don’t have to fly to Europe or South America to experience a brand new culture. There are so many countries in the Caribbean and Central America that only take a few hours to fly to. But they are rich in excitement and vibrant in culture. Book luxury villas there and you will have the best of time there.

Flying internationally is exciting, but another country doesn’t always have to be across the globe.

7. Explore the “Best Of”

Choose a travel theme before heading off to a new city. It could be the best restaurants, the best breweries, the best bakeries, or something else you love.

8. Classic Trips

Just because a beach vacation or ski trip sounds so simple doesn’t mean it won’t be a blast. If you can’t think of anything else, just head to your family’s favorite spot.

Vacation Planning Tips

Sometimes the best planning tip is to plan a small, easy trip that you will actually go on. It’s easy to dream of big exotic travel ideas. The problem is, they often don’t happen.

Keep it simple this year. Think small and commit to making it happen. That’s way more fun than sitting at home dreaming of trips you may never experience. And if you need even more travel inspiration, check out some other posts on are blog!

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