Fun Activities To Do In Dubai

Fun Activities To Do In Dubai

Considering yourself as a traveler is not complete unless you travel to Dubai. The city is full of skyscrapers. One of the best cities where you can feel luxury in the air. The city offers dinner in the sky, an experience you cannot experience in the world. Dubai is famous for its contemporary sightseeing attractions such as shopping malls with indoor ski slopes. The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is the city that has made a place on every traveler’s bucket list. The travelers who come to Dubai have a  thought –  it is a city of luxury. You want to know why? Here are the reasons:

Experience the sky with Helicopter Tour Dubai

Have you ever seen the beauty of the land through the eyes of the sky, if not then Dubai’s Helicopter Tour gives you the chance to see Dubai from the sky. The experience which you have nowhere to get. chance to explore the most beautiful scenic views from the sky. Have a close look at the world’s largest tower Burj Khalifa. It is not just a helicopter tour, it is a kind of excitement that cannot be expressed in words or not even in letters.

Dubai Offers a variety of helicopter tours such as 12, 15, 17, 25, 45, and 60 minutes of mesmerizing experience full of excitement. The view from the helicopter of Dubai is going to be an eye-popping scene of beautiful iconic landmarks. Have a look at the things which make a dream of every traveler. For better travel and fun visit boat ride dubai.

The ride of Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Have you seen the sunrise from the sky, we are not talking about it in the movies. Here we are talking about the real-life experience in a Hot Air Balloon Ride. You heard it right, Dubai offers the ride of a hot air balloon that starts before sunrise so that you can witness one of the best nature-created scenery all around you from the sky. Experience the sky of Dubai from a hot air balloon with a warm breeze.

The timing of the hot air balloon would be 03:00 am to 08:30 am and the age limit for that is above 5 years. Anyone above 05 years can be a witness to one of the most beautiful nature-created scenery. Some experienced travelers suggest that a hot air balloon is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Dubai luxuriously.

See the Future at MOTF

Have a wish to visit the futuristic building, Dubai is offering MOFT(Museum of the future). The building looks like a building from the future. It is a kind of building which you can never imagine. Gives goosebumps with its architecture. Some of the well-known and famous architects called it a marvel of engineering. It is not an ordinary museum with some antique artifacts. This is the gateway of the future, crafted by highly skilled designers, filmmakers, and artists. Have you seen movies that show the future, the same experience you are going to feel when you walk on the floor of the MOFT?

The architecture of this building is enough to make anyone speechless with its beauty. This building is made full of symbols, the circular form of the building represents humanity, the earth is represented by the green mount which is placed on the top and the future is unknown so that is represented by the void.

The tickets for MOFT are hard to get so we recommend booking in the advance. Have a look at the future in the present.

The shows of La parle

The artistic performance you have not seen before, and you are not going to see anywhere except AI Habtoor city, the heart of Dubai. La parle is highly inspired by the luxurious culture of Dubai.

The reason why this show is amazing is because of its eye inspiring stunts which never let you blink an eye, and give you the experience to make you speechless. La parle offers a 270-degree seating arrangement which offers a different kind of perspective. When the show’s action and story unfold it gives you the experience which makes every show you have in your life. Be the witness to the stage filled with water and draining itself in a matter of seconds as the artist performs under the water such as diving under 25 meters.

The La parle offers five kinds of different shows at present which are family & friends, Kids offer, dinner & show package, UAE resident offer, and cruise, dinner & show. You can book the ticket from its official website.

The Museum Of illusions

Have you seen mind-bending things, which make your mind think about how it is possible? Now think about a place that is full of mind-bending things and an illusion that makes your mind blown up. Dubai is offering museums that are full of things all around the place that make you think about what is going on here.

Now you must be thinking we have already visited the places which considered themself at the Museum of illusions, what is new here. The museum of illusion variety of illusions such as :

Optical illusions, play tricks on your different mind and make you see things out of the box. This illusion makes you doubt your senses.

In the infinity room, have you wondered about the place where you are not able to find the way out because of the mirrors all around the place even on the roof, looks like there is infinite space.

Anti Gravity room: You learned about the laws of physics in your school correct? This room makes you think again about those laws because in this room you would not believe your eyes.


With the experience you will have in Dubai, you will never get anywhere. It is not going to be just an experience, it is going to be the memory that you feel every time you hear about Dubai. Dubai offers the taste of luxury which makes you fall in love with Dubai

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