Ghosts of Gettysburg: How the Civil War Still Haunts PA

Ghosts Of Gettysburg

The fields of Gettysburg can tell a story of one of the costliest, largest, and deadliest battles of the Civil War. With the estimated casualties coming in at 50,000 soldiers, there are bound to be some spirits left behind. There are many reasons that the Civil War still haunts Gettysburg, and finding ghost tours in Gettysburg, PA, is the perfect opportunity to see it all firsthand. So, what impact did the war have that left this city as one of the most haunted in the country? Below, you will find the reasons that some of these spirits can’t seem to find rest beyond the grave.

One of the Bloodiest Battles in History

One Of The Bloodiest Battles In History
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While the Civil War was bloody in itself, the Battle of Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest battles of them all. Lasting three days, many lives were lost during this intense fight. Gettysburg was known for being a turning point in the war and even went on to inspire Abraham Lincoln’s speech, the Gettysburg Address. With this battle having many dying soldiers on both sides, it isn’t hard to see why some spirits of the lost lives remain.

Mass Burial Pits

Mass Burial Pits
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At the time of the Civil War, there were sites called burial pits used for soldiers who had died during the war. These burial pits were shallow graves that were makeshift until a final resting place could be achievable. The Angle on Culps Hill is a burial pit that is still accessible; however, it is empty. This pit has been known for paranormal activity, including disembodied voices. The voices of soldiers crying in agony or yelling for help can still be heard among the pits. Many who lost their lives and were forced into these pits are restless spirits that can’t seem to move past the battle at Gettysburg.

Hospitals on the Battle’s Frontlines

When the war was happening, many hospitals were makeshift from surrounding buildings or just on the battlefield. However, Hospital Woods on Country Club Lane served as one of the most renowned field hospitals during the war. With this being the grounds where many were wounded or even lost their lives, many spirits still linger on roaming the ground where they once lay.

Unprecedented Carnage

Unprecedented Carnage
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Gettysburg had more than its fair share of bloodshed, with it being the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Because of the way many soldiers died during the war, there is no doubt that some of their spirits remain. For example, Sachs Covered Bridge is a hot spot for ghost sightings. This bridge is named Pennsylvania’s “Most Historic Bridge” and had a high amount of bloodshed. It is rumored that three soldiers were hanged here for trying to desert the fight. Many soldiers were young and not ready for the battle that lay ahead; for these three, it cost them their lives. People often report a feeling of uneasiness at this bridge, and it is said to be guarded by the spirits of the soldiers who died there. Some people have even claimed to see a full-body apparition pacing the bridge.

Visiting Gettysburg

When you are looking for paranormal activity or want to go ghost hunting, consider one of Gettysburg’s haunted tours to get your thrill. These tours are designed to not only give you the history of the Civil War’s impact on Gettysburg but tell its ghostly stories and show some of the most haunted places around. The Civil War was an emotional time, so many spirits still linger on. So, if you are looking to find some spirits, Gettysburg should be on the map for you.

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