After conquering the Game of the Year, it is certain that the new course of God of War will also pass through PS5, but what can we expect?

For Sony’s next bigger console launch, Playstation 5, we are less than a year from here. Although the unannounced date of release on the console is fast approaching, we don’t know what the console will contain, including the games. There is strong rumor, the awaited sequel to the Smash 2018 smash God of War, that one of the first revealed PS5 games won’t be anything other than God of War 5. God of War was a new point jumping jump for players with no franchise history up to that point. Perhaps that’s why the God of War and not War 4 game was named. As such the title of God of War 5 is unlikely, but it remains to be seen.

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With over 10 million copies sold, God of War is not only one of the most successful PS4 exclusives but it is also one of the best games of the generation, the crowning glory of Cory Barlog’s artistic growth . To fully express its enormous potential, the director’s vision requires the arrival of (at least) a sequel that – in all likelihood – could be in full production. To fool the unnerving wait that separates us from the advent of PS5 and the return of Kratos, we tried to imagine what we would like from God of War 2, who to shine more than his predecessor will have to carry out the proverbial labors of Hercules. After reviewing the news related to Sony Santa Monica and Cory Barlog, we embarked on a pleasant session of mental wanderings, thinking about the possible evolution of characters, explorable realms and gameplay. It would be absolutely criminal to ruin the many surprises of the chapter for PS4 so we want to warn you: those who have not yet experienced the revival of the Spartan would do well not to continue further.

Although they did not mention it directly, the Sony Santa Monica job advertisements suggest that the continuation of Kratos and Atreus’ journey is currently in development , just think of the open position for a senior combat designer, to whom – in addition to the obvious skills in combat system and enemy management – in-depth knowledge of the latest God of War is required.

Flying over the other examples we could give you, the intent of the famous dynamic theme that Sony gave a few months ago is quite clear: on the wooden boat in the background it is in fact possible to glimpse a runic-like writing that heralds the arrival of the Ragnarok, the catastrophic event that will upset the realms of Nordic mythology in the next chapters. Last but not least is the tweet of Kim Newman, a narrative animator who has returned to wearing the suit for motion capturing, a sign that the team is conducting some tests before involving Christopher Judge, Sunny Suljic and the rest of the cast.

Having said that, what happened to Cory Barlog? The man who brought back the Spartan’s name is very active on social media and some time ago he began to publish different posts than usual. Among the allusions to interdimensional travel, cryptic images and messages, there are also those who thought that he was preparing to abandon Sony.

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