Guide to PPE for Offices During Covid-19

PPE for Offices During Covid-19

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Covid-19 has messed up life in all possible ways. It has opened a new perception of life and how one needs to go through different phases of their life, to stay safe but also live fully. The concept of work from home was introduced in 2020 and gradually, people had to make their way back to offices as everyone needs to earn their livelihood. One simply cannot sit in their homes and wait for this pandemic to be over. So what can possible help in this situation? Office supply stores like Southwest Business Products are now offering  PPE supplies to ensure the workforce is protected from catching the virus. A bunch of PPE supplies is all it takes to make sure that you are following the SOPs and are taking care of your health too.

So what PPE would you need for your offices to ensure that Covid-19 SOPs are being followed? Let us guide you through it.

  1. MASKS:

The basic and most important personal protection equipment is a mask. Masks have become a daily routine norm now and they are a must have in your workplaces. It is difficult to maintain a 6ft distance from your employees and colleagues all the time in your offices. Thus, it is mandatory to wear a mask in offices and is best too. It can help you control the spread of the virus. There are different types of masks accessible these days. You can get KN95, medical masks and even cloth masks. However, cloth masks are not as effective as KN95 or N95 or medical masks. Thus, it is best to choose the first two ones.


Hand sanitizer is a very essential PPE. we usually throw it in our pockets and bags and then forget about it. But it is extremely crucial to use it time and again, whenever you touch surfaces that other people might have touched. It is extremely effective to wash your hands with soap, after every little while but it is hard to do so in offices. Thus, it is best to sanitize after every hour or so and go wash your hands whenever you get the time.


Infrared thermometers are extremely important for offices as they enhance the safety in workplaces. Checking the temperature of your employees at the doorstep is important. This is a health check that can ensure that all the workers in your office are free of symptoms. If the temperature is 99 or above, make sure that you return the worker back home and ask them to stay at home or work from home.

  1. GLOVES:

Studies show that human contact is more likely to spread Covid-19 than surfaces but it is always better to be safe, rather than being sorry. Evidence shows that the virus can live on surfaces for a long time. As offices have a lot of workers moving around, it is best to wear gloves while touching surfaces. If other employees are using your table equipment, it is best to wear gloves while using those.


Routine based cleaning is very crucial for workplaces and homes both. Disinfectants can make the task easier. Antibacterial wipes can be helpful in cleaning keyboards, door knobs, table surfaces and handrails etc. disinfectants make it easier to clean all the surfaces in a short time.


Businesses need to provide PPE to their employees properly. There is an increase in demand for these supplies and it is best to get them online in wholesale, for your workplace.

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