Health Benefits of Soaking Your Feet before Bed

Health Benefits Of Soaking Your Feet Before Bed

Many middle-aged and old people have the habit of soaking their feet in hot water before going to bed, and even some health-conscious young people have started to get into the habit of soaking their feet. Feet in hot water. Especially in winter, soaking your feet in warm water before going to bed can not only relieve cold hands and feet, but also warm the body and help you fall asleep more peacefully. Hot footbaths are good, but if you are a particular group of people, it is recommended that you do not soak your feet anymore; otherwise, it could be counterproductive, not only bad for sleep, but also harmful for health. Today, let us talk about those things about hot water feet. Soaking your feet in warm water before going to bed helps, you sleep.

The benefits of soaking your feet in warm water before bed

Soaking your feet in hot water is not just a very cheap way to keep your feet soaked. Soaking the feet has been said to unclog the meridians since ancient times. Soaking your feet in hot water has many benefits, so it has become a lifelong habit developed by many health-conscious people. Soaking your feet in hot water before going to bed is better than eating ginseng.

What are the benefits of a hot footbath?

Soaking the feet in warm water can relieve fatigue, foot has more nerve sensing systems, hot foot soaking can fully relax the nerves of the foot, and then soothe the muscles of the whole body, so that the body can relieve fatigue.

Hot foot soak can stimulate foot blood circulation, hot water can accelerate the blood flow of the feet, accelerate the blood circulation of the feet, and then lead to the rapid circulation of the blood of the whole body, especially in the cold winter, Women Bathing the feet in hot water can relieve the symptoms of cold hands and feet. Stimulates acupuncture points on the feet; Chinese medicine believes that the acupuncture points of the human body are closely related to the various organs of our under stimulation, it helps to stimulate the activity of the corresponding acupuncture points, thus maintaining the internal organs.

Helps quiet the mind, Promotes sleep; the foot soaking process is easy and comfortable, which will gradually relax people. Whether physical or mental, using hot water to soak your feet before going to bed will help you fall asleep more peacefully and increase the duration of deep sleep.

People with special diseases: mainly refers to people with diabetes feet, varicose veins and lower limb venous thrombosis people, hot foot bath is a high-risk activity, and the water temperature is not well controlled, it is easy to cause skin burns, diabetic foot infection, aggravating the degree of varicose veins, etc. People who soak their feet for a long time: the best time to soak their feet is one hour after dinner, and the longest time of foot soaking should not exceed half an hour. 20 minutes is best, too long foot soaking will lead to faster blood circulation, resulting in symptoms such as palpitation, palpitations and other symptoms.

Pregnant women and children are not recommended to soak their feet in hot water for a long time: because of the heat, the water will accelerate blood flow and increase the risk of fetus. In hot water, it will affect the thermal deformation of the ligaments of the feet, which will affect the development of the arch of the foot. Pregnant women and children should soak their feet within 10 minutes.

Do not soak your feet immediately after a meal: Because blood after a meal flows mainly to the stomach, it will speed up peristalsis and digestion of the gastrointestinal tract. Soaking the feet immediately will cause the blood in the stomach to decrease, Symptoms such as indigestion appear.

Many middle-aged and elderly people soak their feet while watching television at night. It is not recommended to soak their feet for at least an hour at a time. The scientific time for foot soaking should not exceed 30 minutes at most, and 20 minutes is the best. Too long a foot soak time can lead to throbbing, throbbing and other symptoms.

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