Henna Recipe

Henna Recipe

Nature has provided us with bundles of natural products for our better living. Still, unfortunately over time, We shifted towards chemical-based products. We started assuming these chemical-based things as the necessity of our lives. But the truth is we have forgotten about all the natural products that have many benefits.

Henna for hair  is one of them. Henna itself is an excellent natural hair dye. Adding other natural ingredients allows you to customize the hair dye according to your hair type.

Henna for different hair types

Mixing henna is an art. You can mix henna with other natural herbs and oils to make it perfect for every hair type. As I mentioned mixing henna is an art. Let me explain this statement. Every person has a different hair type, just like every natural herb and oil has different properties. So getting confused before mixing henna with other ingredients is normal. All you need to do is take a breath and keep calm because we are here to help you.

Instructions before applying henna

● You should wash your hair correctly.

● Before applying Henna, Comb your hair with the help of broad comb so that your hair doesn’t get tangled. You’ll get a smooth result after washing your hair.

Henna Recipe 1

Things you need for mixing Henna

1. A bowl

2. Spatula or wisk for mixing Henna

3. A brush for applying Henna

4. Gloves, To avoid henna stains on your hands

5. Plastic cap

Henna for dandruff

Dandruff is a widespread problem. To get rid of dandruff, People use different kinds of shampoos and conditioners, Which are chemical-based and harmful. So here we are with some magic of Henna with some other ingredients.

Here is the list of combinations of other ingredients you can choose which is more convenient for you.


● Henna, lemon & yogurt

● Henna, olive oil, or coconut oil

● Henna, egg

● Mustard oil and henna

Henna, lemon & yogurt

As we all know, lemon has citric acid properties, Yogurt has lactic acid properties, so combining both with Henna helps the scalp reduce dandruff.


● Take some quantity of henna powder according to your hair length.

● Add some lime juice and yogurt.

● Mix it well until it comes in the form of a thick pastex.

● Keep it overnight, and then apply henna on your hair.

Henna, Olive oil, or coconut oil

Henna with olive oil or coconut oil helps in conditioning hair and scalp. It helps in preventing dandruff. Olive oil also helps in hair growth.


● Take some quantity of henna powder for hair  according to your hair length.

● Add two tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil. You can add more oil if you are preparing henna for 2 to 3 people.

● Mix it well.

● Keep it overnight for better results.

Henna and egg

An egg also has some conditioning properties in it. So this combination is best if you don’t have other ingredients at home. All you need to do is, mix an egg into your henna paste and voila! It is ready for application.


● Take some quantity into a bowl of henna powder according to your hair lengt. ● Add some water and one egg. If you are preparing the henna for one person. ● Mix it well so that the egg thoroughly mixed with henna.

● Then apply the henna on your hair directly.

Henna Recipe 2

Henna for dark color

If you don’t want the natural color of henna on your hair, There are some other ingredients that you can use for dark results.


● Henna powder

● Coffee

● Water

● Egg


● First of all, boil some water.

● Add one tablespoon of coffee powder to the boiling water.

● Mix it well.

● Then let the boiling water cool down to the room temperature.

● Take some henna powder into the bowl.

● Add the coffee water to the henna powder.

● Mix it well.

● Let it set overnight .

● Next day add one egg to the henna paste.

● Mix it well and apply it to your hair.

Henna to prevent hair-fall

Hairfall is a widespread issue nowadays. People are losing the volume of hair due to the pollution in the atmosphere and water. Don’t worry. We have some fantastic remedies to prevent hair fall. Mustard oil and henna is the hero of this remedy. Mustard oil is beneficial for hair strength and growth.


● Henna

● Mustard oil

● Egg


● Take a bowl and add the henna powder to it.

● Then add some mustard oil to henna powder.

● Mix it well.

● Let it set overnight.

● Next day add an egg.

● Mix the egg into the paste .

● Apply the henna paste to your hair.

Henna to repair split ends

Split hair looks so bad. It can ruin your whole look. So for those people who want to repair their split hairs, We have some fantastic and natural remedies.


● Henna powder

● Avocado oil

● Egg


● Take some quantity of henna powder into the bowl.

● Add some water to it.

● Add one tablespoon of avocado oil.

● Let it rest overnight.

● Before applying, add an egg for better results.

Henna paste for soft shiny hair


● Henna powder

● Banana

● Mustard oil


● Take some henna powder into a bowl.

● Add some water.

● Add two tablespoons of mustard oil.

● Add a mashed banana to it.

● And the paste is ready to apply to your hair.

Henna for a healthy scalp

The health of the scalp is significant for the better growth of hair, So here is a fantastic remedy for a healthy scalp.


● Henna powder

● Multani Mitti


● Add some henna powder to a bowl.

● Add the same quantity of Multani mitti powder to it.

● Mix it well.

● Add plain water to it.

● Now it’s ready to apply to hair.


All these natural ingredients have exceptional qualities in it. Nature has many gifts for humanity like this. Every remedy is 100% natural and chemical-free. Moreover, Every single product that I mentioned is so standard that we all have all these things in our homes all the time. So all these remedies are hazel free and so quick.

Note: make sure the henna is chemical free and not to old before applying it. Because itcan affect the final results. So Be Careful!

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