How Artisan Jewelry Transforms Your Outfit — and Your Outlook

Artisan Jewelry

There are many to transform your look. One of the most subtle and elegant is by wearing artisan jewelry.

If you’re sick of the same old style you’ve been putting out there, you can make big changes, but not everyone is comfortable with that. Wearing jewelry is great, but with most jewelry from the big shops, you’re stuck with the same types of pieces that everyone else has. 

For something more original, you should try out artisan jewelry. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can use artisan jewelry to transform your outfit and give you a new outlook on style and fashion. 

Artisan Jewelry Is Handmade and High Quality

Obviously, one of the biggest perks of artisan jewelry is in the name. It’s handmade by artisans that have spent many years honing their craft, taking great care to make the highest quality jewelry for their patrons.

Unlike the stuff you get in the big box stores that use machines to mass produce expensive jewelry, you know exactly where your artisan jewelry came from, the materials used, and the hands that made it. You can find artisan jewelry both from local sellers, crafty markets, or online at sites like

Making Your Outfit Environmentally Friendly

As we said, mass-produced jewelry is made with no regard for the planet

. Whether it’s mining for precious metals or the harm that the various aspects of the supply chain cause, the entire jewelry industry is fraught with environmental issues.

When you buy artisan jewelry, you can proudly say that your outfit is more environmentally friendly. In fact, most artisan jewelers take special care to ensure that their carbon impact is minimized while making their products. 

One of a Kind or Custom Pieces

Everyone wants their sense of style to be unique, but that’s not easily done with the way that the fashion world is today. The rise of huge fashion corporations means that the same clothes and jewelry are available to people all over the world. You’re so unlikely to ever find a one of a kind piece.

That is unless you wear artisan jewelry. Artisan jewelers rarely make the same piece twice and you’ll often be able to communicate your exact wishes to the maker to create a custom piece for your wardrobe. 

It’s Generally More Affordable

You might think that, because you’re getting a one of a kind piece, you’re going to have to pay more, but that’s not the case. In general, artisan jewelry is more affordable than its mainstream counterpart. 

When you walk into the jeweler in the mall, you’ll notice that everything’s at least a few hundred dollars, with the higher-quality pieces being well into the thousands. Artisans don’t charge an arm and a leg for their work and it’s almost always better quality, plus, you know that when you pay them, the money is going straight to the artisan.

Get Your Perfect Piece Today

Now that you why artisan jewelry is better in almost every conceivable way than mainstream jewelry, you can start to find the perfect piece today. Check for local markets or artisans near you, or go online to one of the many market websites that promote amazing artists.

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