How Can Singaporean Educational Institutions Deal With The COVID-19 Pandemic

How Can Singaporean Educational Institutions

Education is one of the sectors that is directly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. As countries implement stringent measures to stop the rapid spread of the potentially deadly disease, they immediately shut down all academic institutions to protect students. Instead of requiring them to go to schools or universities, they must join online classes to continue their classes. 

Singapore transitioned to online learning when government leaders announced that the country would undergo a “circuit breaker,” or the total lockdown of schools and nonessential businesses as part of the COVID-19 preventative measures. Institutions like the National University of Singapore (NUS) had to shift to online classes in the middle of the semester. Fortunately, the latest technological advancements allowed students to have wide access to different learning materials. They can also exchange notes and files like NUS past essays for further reading. But since this pandemic is a relatively new situation for everyone, students could get confused. 

To help them get the most of online learning during the pandemic, here are what educational institutions need to implement for their students. 

Use A Uniform Approach All Over The Campus

While courses have varying requirements, it is important to implement consistency while the entire world has to deal with this crisis. It means that all university programs need to follow a certain set of instructions, so the students know what to do if they need to join an online class outside of their program. 

The university must also inform their students which online tools will be used for the classes. The faculty must decide whether they will use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other web conferencing apps to conduct the classes, so students can download them before the classes begin. It will also help if the university will provide outlets for file exchanges so the students can trade materials like NUS past essays to use as study aids. 

Make Sure That The Learning Outcomes Remain Secured

Since conventional exams and quizzes are difficult to implement in the online learning environment, universities still need to ensure that they can still get fair assessments to know their learning outcomes. Students must make sure that they complied with the requirements needed to get their degree. The professors must develop a strategy that will engage their learners like taking online polls or quizzes. The university must also commend its staff for exerting efforts in creating viable solutions to achieve a positive learning experience for all students. 

Encourage Clear, Open Communication

The pandemic situation is very unfamiliar to everybody. No one expected to experience a drastic change in society due to an invisible force that affects people worldwide. Because of this, both the faculty and students could experience anxiety while dealing with the circumstances. 

To avoid unwanted situations, the educational institutions must welcome students’ and employees’ feedback and let the entire campus community know common concerns. They must also ensure that all the raised points will have a proper solution to become comfortable with the new learning environment.  

The end to the COVID-19 pandemic remains uncertain. But educational institutions must always make a way to let their community know that they will remain steadfast in providing the best learning experience for the community. It may still take a while before everyone can go back to campus and return to the usual grind. Yet by considering these factors, they can still finish their degree and continue learning despite the challenging situation. 

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