How to Pull Off the Goth Look

How To Pull Off The Goth Look

Goth fashion emerged during the 1980s as an unexpected product of the gothic rock genre in England. It has survived over the years and even managed to spread all over the world, outliving many other fashion trends of the time. Today, people, from regular people to celebrities, indulge in gothic fashion.

Anyone can pull off a goth look. With the right dress, makeup, and attitude, even you can try goth’s mysterious and dark appearance.

  1. Choosing the Right Attire

When it comes to goth fashion, the first thing that catches the eye is the attire, which can be best described as, well, black. Black is the staple colour of a gothic look, and you would need basic black clothing and lots of it.

  • A simple black T-shirt with occult patterns is a good start. There are also many ways you can play around with graphic patterns. You can use shirts printed with moons, stars, crosses, and of course, skulls.
  • For the ladies, you can go for an oversized shirt paired with high socks, black boots, and accessories. For a bit of variety, you can mix other colours. Pink goes surprisingly well with black for a feminine goth look.
  • You might also want to stock up on distressed or ripped bottoms or even tops. Look for jeans with tears on the legs or tops with frayed edges. A good ensemble is torn jeans, black shirt, combat boots, and studded bracelets.

The “Nu Goth” is an emerging subculture that is gaining a lot of following. It is an amalgamation of classic goth with contemporary fashion trends. A skater dress with a gothic twist is all the rage nowadays. Pair it with black high-cut boots, and you are good to go.

  1. Dark, Dramatic Makeup

Another good way to pull off the goth look is through makeup, and the key is to go for a dramatic look. You can apply dark makeup lightly or heavily, depending on your preference. Try a rich, dark eyeliner giving a thick curve on the eyelids or other eye shadow details.

Similar to your attire, you can also play around a bit with the colours, depending on your outfit for the day or the look you are trying to go for. Blue, red, and violet shades of lipstick usually fit most gothic styles.

  1. Gothic Accessories

Gothic accessories help a lot in achieving a gothic look. Accessories with metallic and leather inserts go well with any black outfit. Some can pull off white metal accessories such as those made of silver or white gold with any goth dress. For your hair accessories, you can use hats, bandanas, headbands, or hair clips to match or complement your outfit and makeup.

  1. For Those Who are of Legal Age, Get a Tattoo  

If you have been dipping your toes into the culture and find the water to your liking, you can take the plunge by getting a tattoo. Tattoos have long been a part of goth fashion and lifestyle. However, not everyone is ready for the big commitment of a permanent tattoo. If you are on the fence, you can try a henna tattoo first and see how it feels. Once you feel ready or have found the design that fits you best, you can go for the permanent one.

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