How Downloading Android Applications can facilitate your daily life?

How Downloading Android Applications can facilitate your daily life? 1

How Downloading Android Applications can facilitate your daily life?

New technologies have favored the arrival and development of many applications that make our lives easier. These applications can have different functions (games, social networks, leisure, etc.), but the ones that interest us are the effective applications that can help us on a daily basis. We will therefore present to you essential applications that will make your life easier, and you can visit downloader apk online for more applications.

Applications that make everyday life easier

Word Lens: you are abroad and you want to eat at a restaurant. However, you are unable to understand the menu that the server has just brought you. Instead of choosing a dish at random, use Word Lens instead. This application, recently bought by Google, instantly translates texts into a foreign language without an internet connection. To do this, simply use the camera on your tablet or smartphone. It is the fastest translator on the market, and it offers free downloads of 345 language packs.

Open Table: it is an application which finds for you the best restaurants near you, according to your culinary preferences, your budget and the district in which you are. Open Table also works abroad and this application is updated regularly. Modroi is absolutely finest apk downloader for android right now.

My SOS: to protect yourself and others. My SOS can save lives and make you more united. It is an intelligent alert system as well as the first social network dedicated to emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, this application allows you to get in touch easily with a doctor or with the emergency services.

Mint: it is a free tool dedicated to personal finance management. It allows you to control your daily budget from your smartphone. Mint is a platform that brings together all of your accounts and allows you to indicate your expenses and transactions. This will make it easier for you to plan your projects.

Dedicated road applications

Waze: this application allows you to know the state of traffic in real time, as well as other important information such as dangers, accidents, and the price of fuel at the nearest stations, the passage of the police or closed roads. Thanks to Waze, you can save fuel and improve your journeys.

Public transport: this application has been developed by public transport companies to facilitate the movement of its users. However, it should be noted that the it uses different tools.

Applications that make office life easier

Nutcache: Developed for specializing in the development of billing, accounting and management applications, Nutcache proves to be ideal for the self-employed and for small businesses. It is a free online billing and time management platform available in 9 languages ​​(including French).

Todoist: it’s a mobile assistant that allows you to group many tasks in one place or synchronize them with other devices. Todoist helps its users with an efficient, simple and powerful task manager, which even works offline.

Genius Scan: this ergonomic and simple to use application is a real pocket scanner. Indeed, it allows you to quickly scan all kinds of files (documents, letters, contracts) from a smartphone and then send them. Genius Scan automatically saves these documents; therefore there is no risk of data loss.

Pocket: available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and several browsers, this free application allows you to manage photos and videos found on the web, and to save items that you can consult later. Pocket also works offline and has millions of users worldwide.

Applications that make life easier at home

Color Capture: developed by Benjamin Moore, this application is intended to help its users to decorate their interior. Its use is fairly simple, just upload photos to your smartphone or tablet, and Color Capture is responsible for providing colors to help users make their choice.

5 minutes Home fitness: this application is for people who want to lose weight or keep in shape, but who do not have the time or the means to go to a gym. 5 minutes Home fitness includes 12 sessions of 42 exercises that do not exceed 5 minutes. These exercises are explained in detail with 3D animations.

Marmiton: this is one of the most popular free applications in the world. It offers more than 55,000 free cooking recipes and provides the best in gastronomy. Marmiton allows you to find recipes using the ingredients you have, to establish your shopping list, to prepare traditional and exotic dishes or to consult the photos uploaded by other users.

Applications that make life easier in society

Rebtel: this application is very useful. Indeed, it allows you to send SMS and make calls anywhere in the world for free thanks to WiFi or 3G. Rebtel automatically imports your contacts and locates the most powerful networks to avoid call loss.

Phone at Home: intended for people who tend to forget their smartphone at home, this free application allows you to receive missed calls and texts by email at the office. Phone at Home is therefore very practical, especially for the dizzy.

Buffer: this is an application for geeks. Indeed, Buffer’s function is to publish messages for you on social networks. It is possible to set the time of publication of the messages and to consult the reading statistics.

WiFi Finder: not everyone is lucky enough to have an unlimited mobile data plan on their smartphone. This free application allows, via geo location, to find the nearest WiFi networks, whether free or paid.

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