How is ELO Boosting Perceived in the LOL Community?

League of Legends

Whether it is League of Legends or any other title of a similar category, there are always players that look for shortcuts to rise above the in-game rankings. In this regard, numerous companies engage in a massively competitive ELO market to emerge on top in providing the best possible boosting deals. Still, the League community does not share the same thoughts and have mixed opinions concerning ELO boosting.

ELO Boosters and Boosting Community

ELO boosting community differs from the typical League player base as the boosters must uphold their reputation to provide best and most efficient services to their customers. In simple words, a booster cannot merely play LOL for its fun or enjoy the game like regular players.

Furthermore, boosters have to meet a particular criterion to become a part of this small community. It requires them to uphold a reputation and separate their casual League gameplay attitude from ELO Boosting. Even in hindsight, it is not something that is just about for any player League player out there.

Players are Able to Accomplish their Goals with ELO Boosting

The LOL ELO boosting often gets referred to as cheating and deceitful by the community, but a large number of players still partake in the activity with varying motives. The foremost and most prominent reason as to why players buy ELO Boosting is for the sake of rewards. Although, obtaining a higher rank might be a dream come true for players but the in-game skins and end of season rewards is not something that players enjoy to miss out on.

Another aspect of League that derives players from going for ELO Boosting is to return to their original or even higher rank. There can be those days and a new patch that completely ruins your ranked progress. Under such circumstances, ELO Boosting works wonders for such players and not only helps them recover the ranks but also save tons of pointless time and effort.

League Community’s Backlash over ELO Boosting

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. It is a saying that fits perfect when referred to as boosting in video games. It is no doubt that boosting can help achieve rewards and improve ranks that a player would never be able to accomplish under normal circumstances. But at the same time, it can ruin the gaming experience for other players.

When a high skilled player comes across a low tier player or the other way around, this imbalance is unhealthy and equally bad for both players. All the while, it could be beneficial as well as it helps low tier players to learn a thing or two from someone better than them in terms of gameplay and skills.

Despite all the hatred and dissatisfaction, ELO Boosting provides a great learning curve for players as they directly come in contact with high tier players and learn the game from their perspective.

With all said and done, the LOL community shares a mixed opinion regarding ELO Boosting as it is beneficial and harmful at the same time. Even a blessing can prove detrimental upon misuse, and something adverse can have a positive impact that one might have never anticipated. It all depends on the personal perspective as to how one views it as a whole.

Riot Games’ Take on ELO Boosting

When it comes to boosting in League of Legends, Riot does not explicitly approve of it but still takes a neutral stance and observes from the sidelines. Riot makes sure to analyze the boosting data and statistics and formulate a suitable strategy to overhaul their security and matchmaking system.

Although Riot does make sure to ban specific account activities that meet the requirements of possible boosting, the ban can be both temporary or permanent depending on the nature of boost.

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