How Reiki Healing Works by Lina Rose

How Reiki Healing Works by Lina Rose 1

I like to open the Akashic records for the duration of my therapy before starting my healing session. It allows me to use more fundamental resources. You might be wondering why and what Akashic records are? In the simplest form, the Akashic Documents are the universal life book. People wonder what Reiki is doing, too? What’s the advantages? Is it really healing? It is a easy answer, you go through the wave, trust universal power, yes it works, believes and already visualizes you in the place you want to be. We are energetic bodies that have to flow energy in order to balance. Trust in your heart will lead you to where you have to be in life. I am at your side. I am just going to be the energy source.

This holistic approach will help both adults and children. During times of depression, this sauce and invasive energy channeling tool is able to benefit all of us. I’m Lina Rose, a Reiki practitioner and a practicing student in Akashi Records. Since I was a young girl, that has been my life, my grandmother is her lord, and from my earliest years of life she was my spiritual mentor and guide.

My deeply-loved passion for Kundalini yoga and Reiki led me to Akashic Records and eventually led me to follow this road of holistic healing, and to seek my heart as simply and universally as I had expected. Today the world deserves greater love and unity. I want to assist you and your loved ones in achieving a healthier state because of the reason why my desire to help others is greater than ever before. For now, face-to-face sittings are very difficult, I can support you remotely and I can give you distant healing sessions even if you are far off, you will have the same effect, feelings and advantages as a face-to-face session. The energies are identical and they go as far as you want.

You don’t have to do something in order to obtain these healing energies, but I encourage you, as Reiki practitioner, to look for a peaceful, safe place where disturbances are not present and where you imagine a bright White light passing through your body. When you are worried, depressed, or disturbed by the present quarantine, don’t think you’re the only one, millions are feeling the same right now; you can resort to reiki, and I will support you anytime you need to physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

This is a session in which I will be the conduit of universal energy. Know that I’m here and no matter where you are with you and your loved ones. Let us begin by working to bring peace to you, your family and your surroundings, so that peace of mind can be achieved. And love, Satnam Yogi Bhajan, will bring joy and bring this world joy.


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