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Mauricio Rosero

Difficult circumstances have raised a lot of eyebrows in Latin America. The social battle is for a better quality of life and better jobs. People want to create things for their children and their world in the right way. But why does it all occur? Others call it a thirst for power that has ruthlessly made governments act. This has contributed to social injustice and deaths, abuse and hate, which have stopped both of the parties from winning. In these cases, people are authoritarian and you have very few choices when government is strong. Civil disobedience is a nonviolent way of handling all of this, because it does not contribute to violence. It remains the only way to express your fears about the future to the ruling class. While government has ways of coping with aggression and weapons, civil disobedience remains the only safe choice to prevent loss of humanity.

During an age of government and mass media seeking to deceive the public and prejudices that can not be articulated correctly, social media is at risk. Social media lets people raise their concerns and increase awareness of the public in general. It also often helps to create a pressure group that can work to push the government in a specific problem for whatever cause. So is a young Colombian, because of the content of Mauricio Rosero, who has become the face of many people since his video was posted on social networks. The Colombian protagonist talks to the people of Venezuela of the true, yet popular feelings. The hunger for democracy that persists for over two decades now and that has resulted in hundreds of deaths. It’s a voice of generations today, and this is what children want, not just young people who seek change.

The video of Mauricio Rosero was spread more than two million times, talking about truth and the fight for freedom for the Venezuelan people. It speaks heavily of the need for a free nation and of migrants in this way in different countries. The one battle, which in the past two decades hasn’t vanished, and the war, which hasn’t dispelled the need to fulfill Venzuela’s vision. In this struggle, he lost friends and family, which led him to combat the rhetoric of the government. This brave young man found his way through social media and people reacted well to his post. He claims that love is the only tool to destroy the poison of this long-time hatred. He wishes to win his hearts through love and claims that the dirty politics of the usurping government, which is based on a certain agenda, can be eliminated.

He was supported by social media as the young man had 170 K followers on Instagram and his Instagram video moved millions of hearts. He was able to shake millions of people’s minds in a single video and a huge number of people felt and enjoyed the post. Mauricio Rosero is a very famous social media figure and its brave act is appreciated by people. The watching of his video can be found. Several of them are listed below: You can also follow him on various social platforms:


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