Mauro Rosero

This is the philosophy of Mauro Rosero @marorg9, a developer of the Colombian capital’s digital content, which is distinguished by a characteristic that separates it from the crowd and that is very joyous, enjoyable and positive. This Colombian is a young businessman, every day doing what he loves to create his future and fulfills his greatest wish, sharing his happiness and good humor. He has worked hard and earned countless likes to accomplish this goal.

Mauro expresses his imagination spontaneously and naturally when you build the material. This is what binds followers and helps them have the enjoyment of their work. Through this way this influence tries many approaches through order to increase the interaction of its digital content with its followers on a daily basis.

With an audiovisual project with very simple ideas, Mauro has definitely been rising as a professional with his commitment to humor, while helping others to find their fun in their daily lives by discussing super trendy topics and “Tips for meeting people on the Instagram” or does he have the perfect guy? He is a model and a player who knows thoroughly about the marketing, innovation, advertising and, while not all all was rosy, he has had to go through really difficult times, times that mark him and at a young age he is talented to take advantage of such bad experiences. This is his plan to give a smile to those who need it most, because none but Mauro knows that gray day is a part of life, and it’s important to take the best of it and to get a boost to us by taking it as a springboard every fall.

Moreover being Humorist need to follow simple things to get the job done. For example, Be original, because often when you are a young humorist you tend to want to copy the people you like. This is how we see copies of Gad Elmaleh, Florence Foresti, Franck Dubosc and Jamel appear… but they already exist. What is interesting is to create your own universe.  No specific training is required to become a humorist. However, if this is the job you are considering, it is advisable to go to a theater school, or to have followed a course in university in performing arts. In addition, several private schools which are not recognized by the State offer specific training as a comedian. A word of advice: think about a plan B if you don’t succeed in this way.

First, a comedian must have acting skills. But he must also be creative and constantly renew his shows. For this, the humorist must be attentive to the evolution of society and be constantly creative. To be a good humorist, you must above all be passionate and love to communicate this passion for comedy and laughter. Because the profession of humorist is not an easy one, you also have to be rigorous and very persevering.


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