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It is hardly ever the case that advertisers only use one channel. Editors also approach the news consumer cross-medially. Modern advertising campaigns use a combination of medium types. With the aim of reaching more people. But also for the synergy effects of a combination. But how do you find the optimal media mix to serve customers? In addition to personal experience, scientific and cross-media research can help with this.

Sources for cross-media insight

In modern days, the Scientific Research Departments for Communication has done pioneering work on this point. The publication of multimedia synergy in advertising campaigns is a source of knowledge in this area. A journalist usually strives to make news publicly available, even if he or she works for a medium with a fixed circle of subscribers. If other media recognize the importance of a news item, they will take over, ideally with acknowledgment of the source. If the news contains a sharp judgment from someone, it is often due to rebuttal that there is also a different opinion. The correction is a special news item: the overt withdrawal or modification of a previously published fact that turned out to be incorrect. A message that turns out to be wrong afterwards is also called a canard.

Press and news agencies or news agencies such as ANP and GPD not deliver most of their news directly to the news consumer; their customers are newspapers, magazines, trade magazines, broadcasters and large organizations and companies. News editors practice free news gathering: they use the freedom to gather intelligence and ideas, without interference from any public authority and regardless of borders. Journalists obtain their evidence from (inter) national (photo) news agencies, from image banks , press photographers ,correspondents , freelancers, other news media, from press releases from companies and governments, they get it from tipsters and whistle blowers and they produce news through their own reporting and research.

Journalists have the power of definition.

Determining whether something is new is the result of a subjective assessment. Everything a receiver not yet known is new to him or her, even if it was news to others already known. News reports in such as Wisdo News

are tried so objectively in professional journalism possible and without judgment. However, the signature (social orientation) of the medium plays an important role in the decision whether or not to bring any news, big or small. In practice, pure objectivity does not exist because the addition of value by journalists consists of selection and the provision of context to news. Impartiality and neutrality in news reporting is a widely supported standard, but in practice ideological or cultural coloring often takes place, for example through ethnocentrism. If a wall collapses somewhere in a distant country, this does not bring news here, but it does if there are many deaths and certainly if a well-known compatriot has drowned or if it is the Berlin or Great Wall.

Points for the right media mix can also be found in Media: Time. This research shows single source how consumers use their media during the day. With the help of media planning software, media professionals can select the right media for each target group. News is presented from a certain perspective, the journalistic perspective, the way and side from which a given is approached. A term like the Middle East implies an observation from a western point of view. It depends on your belief whether you consider Sunday the first or last weekday. Are we depicting the world map via the Mercator projection or the godfather projection, which suddenly makes Africa ‘bigger’ than the US? Colored idiom as martyr / freedom fighter, occupation / annexation, murder / elimination indicates from which point of departure news fact is being looked at. Did the police “intervene” or intervene? Is it about clearance or deportation? Also framing plays a role: for example, a social vision of an enemy image casually or covertly incorporated into the word and picture selection? Is we-they-thinking in a news item provided with an explanation quotes? Is an immigrant who achieves a victory referred to as ‘our countryman’?

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