How Soy Candles Improve Health and Well-Being

How Soy Candles Improve Health And Well-Being

While candles were once used to light the interiors, as the years passed, they became more of a piece of décor in the later years. They have been popularly used to create a warm and romantic ambience to suit different situations. However, in recent times, candles have been manufactured and adapted to create a healthy atmosphere. Individuals and institutions use pleasant aroma and light in yoga and other therapeutic settings to stimulate calmness and peace. With Australia moving towards sustainability, soy wax candles are becoming more popular than their chemically-produced alternatives. Here are the reasons why.

They Do Not Produce Toxic Fumes

One of the most common ingredients of a candle is paraffin wax. It is a petroleum wax that produces carcinogenic fumes like benzene, formaldehyde and toluene, which could be dangerous to those who breathe it in regularly. Research shows that it could lead to asthma and lung cancer if one uses it frequently in closed areas like dining rooms and baths. Soy wax, however, is a vegetable wax and does not produce any toxic fumes in the air. Those concerned about their health, the indoor air quality and what they are releasing into the environment would benefit from choosing soy wax candles.

They Give Out a Stronger Scent Than Paraffin Wax

Paraffin and other chemically produced candles can produce strange and harsh smells that can be uncomfortable and toxic. Many people complain of headaches due to these chemical aromas. As soy wax has pure vegetable ingredients, it burns cleanly, without the interruptions of other chemicals. Therefore, the essential oils present in the candle emanate beautifully with a firm but pleasant smell. Also, soy wax candles burn slower than other candles, creating a larger surface area for the oils to evaporate. It releases the scent better, allowing the individuals to have a fully immersive experience.

They Are Relatively Less Hazardous Upon Contact

When melting wax comes into contact with the skin, all the beautiful ambience, aroma and peace of mind takes a toss due to the burn. Chemical waxes have a hazardous effect on the skin. Soy wax is a better choice as it has a relatively lower melting point. It reduces the likelihood of one dropping wax on their hands and burning themselves. Even if the wax spills accidentally, it does not cause as much pain. Some people use melted soy wax as a hydrating treatment to clear their cuticles. It is safer and more luxurious.

Soy Wax is Vegan, Natural and Sustainable

As soy wax is derived from hydrogenated vegetable soybean oil that turns solid at room temperature, it does not involve harsh chemicals. Some who have the right skills, equipment, space, safety measures and the time to give it a try make their candles at home. The large scale manufacturers who produce soy candles rotate the soy crops with corn and use the extracted waste and husk to feed the animals. This process makes these candles renewable and sustainable. These candles do not contain anything artificial and therefore do not cause any harm to the environment or humans. Using them also reduces the extraction of petroleum, which is already depleting, and causing issues to sustainability. With Australia’s commitment to Environment Excellence as a part of the Mission Australia Housing and Vision Australia, using these candles is a great way to support it.

They Burn Cleanly

Unlike the chemically-produced paraffin wax, soy wax does not produce soot or smoke of any kind when one burns it. Therefore, there is less likelihood of it leaving a stain on the walls, carpets, tabletops or window sills inside the home. Soy candles also produce a natural scent that is good for one’s health.

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