How to choose wall panels?

How to choose wall panels

Plastic wall panels are a fairly new material but have quickly become popular since entering the Vietnamese market. Do you know how to choose these plastic panels and how to pay attention to construction? Let’s find out through the following article.

How to choose the right plastic wall panels?

When you have decided to use plastic materials for wall cladding, you need to have some following notes to ensure the most beautiful interior:

  • Choose the right color and pattern: Plastic materials used for wall cladding today have many different colors and patterns for users to choose from. You must know what the main design tone of the house is, then choose the color of the cladding material, which can be monochrome, imitation stone, imitation wood, …
  • Choose the type of plastic paneling: Usually, there are 2 main types of panels: flat panels and corrugated panels. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. If choosing to decorate the living room or other places where there is a need for emphasis, the factory can use very good wavy panels. If the housing space is normal, flat panels will be more reasonable.
  • Choose the right size for the area: The wall will be made up of many panels put together. That’s why you need to measure the size of the wall first, and then choose the most economical panels, without having to cut a lot.
  • Choose a guaranteed supplier: This is probably the most important thing. When you have chosen a place that provides quality goods, can advise enthusiastically, the above problems will be solved in the best way.

Some notes when constructing plastic wall panels

Plastic sheet is a new material, which is pre-designed in the factory with standard sizes and joints, so it is easy to construct. Also you can choose movable walls because it require no floor track, which satisfies the use for wheelchair access. However, it is also important to pay attention to the following points to make the project perfect:

  • The surface needs to be smoothed well before application to ensure the adhesion of the glue and the plastic wall panel
  • It is necessary to treat moldy, patchy surfaces with waterproof mortar or make frames so that the panels are not damaged after installation.
  • It is necessary to measure the wall area and calculate the cutting of the plastic panels carefully to save maximum materials

Therefore, when choosing to use plastic wall panels to decorate your interior, it is best to go to reputable suppliers like gonhuadongdo, selection and installation of a quality package. The best once you have chosen a supplier and installed a place, the price will also be much cheaper, helping you save maximum construction costs.

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