How to Prepare with Online Civil Fe Exam Review Course

How to Prepare with Online Civil Fe Exam Review Course

The civil FE exam is the preliminary step of becoming a successful engineer, an engineering training exam that is to be qualified by an individual to get the license, which is mandatory for a Professional Engineer. The National Council of Examiners manages this examination for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). This FE civil practice exam is conducted for the students who have either graduated or are very close to completing their graduation from an ABET/EAC accredited college. As the online mode for the civil FE examination is of utmost convenience, anyone with a degree in engineering or a close sector is considered eligible to appear for the examination.

Steps to prepare for Civil FE Exam

1. Refer to NCEES FE Exam Formula Handbook:

Suppose you seriously want to crack the civil FE exam. In that case, you must have a copy of the NCEES handbook because the NCEES guidebook includes all the essential math questions and formulas that will help you crack the examination. This handbook is not available offline, so you have to download it from the official website for free. You must know how to and where to use these formulas. Once you get acquainted with all these formulas, you will not waste your time by reading the question paper and thinking of the solution. You will find all these formulas while giving your test papers and attending online quizzes. There are a lot of procedures, and your concept must be clear about these formulas. So that it won’t create any confusion while attempting the questions.   

2. Refer right books and online reference

If you search what the books you should follow the reference books are, you will get a list of thousands of books and suggestions on how to crack the entrance, but you have to choose wisely what the books are going to help you in the examination. If you also search about this exam on YouTube, you will get a lot of videos suggesting what to do and what not. In some cases, it is valuable, but mostly you have to be clear and focused on what books you are going to follow and what strategy you will set so that you will crack the exam on the first attempt. The most popular books that everyone prefers are Bright wood. Earlier people knew this book as Kaplan and Micheal Lindeburg. 

3. Attending Practice Test and Sample Paper

Attending practice tests is a must for the students, those who seriously want to crack the entrance because by following these practice tests, you can know in which field you are lacking and what areas you should focus more on. Here you can also apply the ABC formula. From this ABC formula, you can know your exact exam result, and it will help you understand the essence of hard work to get the base score of 60%. If your product is higher than that, you are in a good position and can do much better in the final exam.  

4. Doing Group study or Pairing with a Study Partner

It is another excellent way of staying focused and eliminating all other distractions because when you read in a group or with a partner, you can see how much other students are focused on and the strategy they are following. In this way, you will also get to know the mistakes you are repeating, and they will also help you in your studies. If you have any ambiguity, then they can help you in solving that question. Group study is an excellent way of cracking exam but has to choose your study partner wisely. 

5. Be thorough in General Math Skills

Not only in the Civil FE exam but all other engineering exams also include questions from math. So, aspirants should have general math knowledge if they want to pursue their careers in the engineering field. It is not mandatory to have deep math knowledge, but you must have some general idea about math. You will be provided with a calculator in the examination, but if an aspirant doesn’t know the basic formals of how to solve a question, then there is no value of a calculator.  


As we all know, the online learning method is beneficial, fast, and convenient to every student as it gives them their personal space with proper guidance and helps them concentrate well and focus on their matters. As the civil FE examination is mostly for college-going students, we should never let them miss out on any information about this life-changing examination. We should try our best to encourage them with proper teaching in online mode, which will help society raise well-trained and deserving students Engineers around us.

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